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  • Atlantic Canadian History: The Social, Economic and Political History of the Maritimes and Newfoundland

    This collection explores key moments from nearly three centuries of Atlantic Canadian history with a focus on the events that had the greatest impact on the daily lives of the residents of Atlantic Canada, from the arrival of the first Black Loyalists in New Brunswick to the aftermath of the Halifax Explosion.

  • Behind the Curtain: Day-to-day Government in Canada

    Readings in this collection provide a detailed inside look at the day to day minutiae that makes the Canadian government tick, from the days leading up to a federal election to behind-closed-doors negotiations.

  • Canadian Society from the Margins: Canadian Social History from the 1760s to the 1960s

    For courses covering the history of Canada, this collection of new and recent readings from Canadian authors provides an exploration of the social history of Canada from a variety of perspectives, from the first black Loyalists to arrive in New Brunswick to the members of the Chinese Labor Corps during the First World War.

  • Environmental Disasters in Canada: Causes, Impact, and Response

    Readings in this collection explore the environmental and human impact of environmental disasters in Canada. From the effluent produced by pulp mills to the transport of hazardous goods, authors of chapters in this collection explore the ways in which a lack of government oversight and the reckless pursuit of growth can have catastrophic consequences.

  • Immigrating to Canada

    Readings in this collection explore the Canadian immigrant experience from a variety of perspectives and across a broad span of Canadian geography and history.

  • Income Inequality in Canada: In Search of a Fairer Future

    Readings in this collection explore the rise of income inequality in Canada, and the legislation that continues to favor the interests of corporations and the super-rich. The authors of these texts also explore solutions to this problem, from basic income for all Canadians, to progressive tax policies and closing tax loopholes for corporations.

  • Indigenous in Canada: Firsthand Accounts

    In this collection of readings, Indigenous activists, journalists and playwrights share their unique perspectives on the suffering faced by indigenous communities in Canada, the ongoing failures of the Canadian Government and the fight for a just and equitable future.

  • Media and Society: Canadian Cases and Issues

    Readings in this collection take the often chaotic and confusing media landscape and unpack them from a Canadian perspective, with a focus on how the film, radio, and publishing industries in Canada are changing in the 21st century.

  • Online Conflict & Debate: Bridging the Divide

    IIn a world increasingly shaped by increasingly toxic and insular online communities, the readings in this collection explore the how debates and disputes occur in an online space and the ways in which individuals can find common ground without compromising their beliefs.

  • Residential Schools in Canada

  • Rethinking our Economy: Looking Beyond Capitalism

    As the world comes to grips with the mass unemployment and economic turmoil brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, the readings in this collection explore alternative economic systems and how they would impact Canadians.

  • Systemic Racism and Discrimination in Canadian Policing and Courts

    Readings in this collection the ways in which the Canadian Policing and Court systems have failed Indigenous Canadians and people of colour, as well as suggesting paths forward towards reconciliation.

  • The Corporate Assault on Canadian Cities: Smart Cities, Public-Private Partnerships, and initiatives across Canada

    Readings in this collection explore the increased involvement of corporate interests in municipal planning and urban development projects in Canada. With a focus on public transit and the role of Public-Private Partnerships, these readings ask essential questions about how our cities get built and who has a say in developing the municipalities we live in.

  • The Future of Food: How Small Farms are Responding to Climate Change and Corporate Agriculture

    In a world shaped by a rapidly changing climate and an increasingly global economy, small independently owned farms are often on the front lines. Chapters in this collection explore the ways in which farmers are adapting, both in Canada and around the world.

  • The Rise of 21st Century Fascism

    Readings in this collection take a global perspective on the rise of populism and the far-right in the 21st century, and connects them to the rise of fascism and racist organizations in the 19th and 20th centuries.

  • Water and Climate Change: Impacts on Canada and the World

    Readings in this collection explores our relationship with water and challenges we face in the coming decades as we try to access enough water to sustain our cities and our farms, particularly in the face of depleted water tables and changing rainfall patterns.

  • Witnesses to Global Conflict: Canadian Authors' Accounts

    From Tiananmen Square to the Rwandan Genocide, the authors of the chapters in this collection explore the human cost of conflict and the many ways in which people begin the process of healing and reclaiming a sense of agency in the aftermath.

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