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Bottoms Up

A History of Alcohol in Newfoundland and Labrador

In 1617, Lord Falkland’s colonists in Newfoundland were instructed to bring, among other things, 20 barrels of caske (ale), 90 bushels of malt, a malt mill, 4500 pounds of hops, 1 firkin of … 272 View

Canada’s Bastions of Empire

Halifax, Victoria and the Royal Navy 1749-1918

This book offers a fresh perspective on North American history, and the key role played by Halifax and Victoria in ensuring that Canada emerged as an independent country in the 20th century. … 280 View

Churchill and Fisher

The titans at the Admiralty who fought the First World War

A vivid study of the politics and stress of high command, this book describes the decisive roles of young Winston Churchill as political head of the Admiralty during the First World War. … 656 View

Disarming Conflict

Why Peace Cannot Be Won on the Battlefield

Wars fought over the past quarter century have been a spectacular failure. The overwhelming majority end in military stalemate and are settled at the negotiating table, with the grievances that … 232 View

Fastest in the World

The Saga of Canada's Revolutionary Hydrofoils

Like the builders of the Avro Arrow, the pioneers of hydrofoils are celebrated in this book for their world-class accomplishments. When Alexander Graham Bell was experimenting with flying … 98 View

Gunboats on the Great Lakes 1866-68

The British Navy's show of force at the time of Confederation

This book describes British gunboat diplomacy practiced on the Great lakes in the aftermath of the US Civil War when Canada was negotiating Confederation and under Fenian attack. Cheryl MacDonald … 192 View

The Fall of New France

How the French lost a North American empire 1754-1763

Two great empires collided in North America in the 1750s when France and Great Britain (with the eager support of Britain’s American colonies) contested control of the Ohio Valley and Nova … 96 View

The Invisibles

A History of the Royal Newfoundland Companies

During the tumultuous and often violent election riots of 1861, members of the Royal Newfoundland Companies opened fire on a crowd of rioters, killing three and wounding several others. In the … 256 View

To Serve Canada

A History of the Royal Military College of Canada

During the four decades following the Second World War, the Royal Military College of Canada has adapted to the need to produce professional career officers by evolving into an academic centre of … 267 View


From: Fastest in the World


Acknowledgements 1 $0.10 Add


From: To Serve Canada


Foreword by General A.J.G.D. de Chastelain, Chief of the Defence Staff, 1991. 2 $0.26 Add


Fighting to Lose

From: Disarming Conflict


The record of warfare over the past quarter century makes it abundantly clear that sheer military force rarely achieves the vital political objectives its commanders set out to gain. Such force … 18 $1.80 Add


From: The Invisibles


In the introduction, Candow provides a brief overview of the involvement of the British military in Newfoundland throughout the 19th century. 5 $0.50 Add


A Few Acres of Snow

From: The Fall of New France


Sets up the background information to really understand the fall of new france through looking at The New World, King William’s War 1689-1697, Queen Anne’s War 1701-1713, King … 8 $0.80 Add


From: Canada's Bastions of Empire


explains how the information of Canada’s defenses on the homefront are missing from the historical account of the Great War, outlines some geo-political information of importance to the … 9 $0.90 Add


From: Bottoms Up


In the preface, the author discusses her reasons for writing the book and how studying the history of alcohol is an effective way to understand many facets of human societies. 3 $0.30 Add