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Between Certain Death and a Possible Future

Queer Writing on Growing Up with the AIDS Crisis

Between Certain Death and a Possible Future: Queer Writing on Growing up with the AIDS Crisis offers crucial stories from this missing generation in AIDS literature and cultural politics. This … 368 View

Decolonize Hipsters

Few urban critters are more reviled than the hipster. They are notoriously difficult to define, and yet we know one when we see one. No wonder: they were among the global cultural phenomena that … 148 View

In Search of a Better World

A Human Rights Odyssey

A work of memoir, history, and a call to action, the CBC Massey Lectures by internationally renowned UN prosecutor and scholar Payam Akhavan is a powerful and essential work on the major human … 401 View

Israel, A Beachhead in the Middle East

From European Colony to US Power Projection Platform

One US military leader has called Israel “the intelligence equivalent of five CIAs.” An Israeli cabinet minister likens his country to “the equivalent of a dozen US aircraft … 252 View

My Road from Damascus

A Memoir

"An extraordinary account of survival in Syria’s most notorious military prisons that is written with “brutal clarity — and yet, there is a poetic quality to the … 440 View

Myths of Modern History

From the French Revolution to the 20th century world wars and the Cold War - new perspectives on key events

Revisionist historian Jacques R. Pauwels challenges readers to reconsider what they know about some key events in the last 250 years of world history. At a time when it’s all too easy to … 392 View

Patriots, Traitors and Empires

The Story of Korea's Struggle for Freedom

“In the night of our ignorance, North Korea confirms all stereotypes.”—Bruce Cumings Patriots, Traitors and Empires is an account of modern Korean history, written from the … 272 View

Postcards from Congo

A Graphic History

The Democratic Republic of Congo, the second-largest country in Africa by area, has a fractured and bloody history, variously undone by decades of colonialism, civil war, corruption, and … 176 View

Rwanda and the New Scramble for Africa

From Tragedy to Useful Imperial Fiction

“… essential reading.” Edward S. Herman An accepted narrative holds that horrible Rwandan Hutu génocidaires planned and executed a satanic scheme to eliminate nearly a million Tutsis after a … 276 View

Slouching Towards Sirte

NATO's War on Libya and Africa

NATO’s war in Libya was proclaimed as a humanitarian intervention—bombing in the name of “saving lives.” Attempts at diplomacy were stifled. Peace talks were subverted. … 344 View

The Einstein File

The FBI’s Secret War Against the World’s Most Famous Scientist - New Updated Edition

Einstein arrived in the United States in 1933, the year the Nazis rose to power in Germany. From that moment until he died in 1955, J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI—with other … ; ; 402 View

Up the Coast

One Family's Wild Life in the Forests of British Columbia

Kathryn Willcock and her sisters grew up in logging camps on the coast of B.C. in the 1960s when children were set loose to play in the wilderness, women kept rifles next to the wood stove, and … 224 View


Travels Along the Barricades

Winner, Shaughnessy Cohen Prize for Political Writing, Wilfrid Eggleston Award for Nonfiction, and City of Calgary W.O. Mitchell Book Prize Shortlisted, Dolman Travel Book Award Longlisted, … 288 View

Washington’s Long War on Syria

When President Barack Obama demanded formally in the summer of 2011 that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad step down, it was not the first time Washington had sought regime change in Damascus. The … 280 View

Between Certain Death and a Possible Future

An Introduction

From: Between Certain Death and a Possible Future

The editor of the collection frames introduces the volume by exploring his youthful feelings about his sexuality, and the onset of the AIDS epidemic. 6 $0.60 Add