Civil Rights

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14 Arguments in Favour of Human Rights Institutions

Today, many human rights commissions are threatened or are no longer in existence. This book argues in support of our human rights institutions, including the new Canadian Museum for Human … ; ; 447 View

Academic Freedom in Conflict

The Struggle Over Free Speech Rights in the University

For more than a century academics have had unique rights — to speak, teach, and write freely. Central to the case for academic freedom is that scholars must be able to voice their views … 368 View

Advancing Social Rights in Canada

Canada is at a crossroads. The gap between our national self-image as a country that respects human rights and the reality of socio-economic inequality and exclusion demands a re-engagement with … ; 451 View

Balancing Competing Human Rights Claims in a Diverse Society

Institutions, Policy, Principles

Published in Cooperation with the Ontario Human Rights Commission As societies around the world embrace diversity, certain challenges and tensions have become visible that were not fully … ; ; 499 View

Charter of Rights and Freedoms 6/e

Written by two of Canada’s leading constitutional scholars, no other Canadian book provides such an accessible yet thorough and objective account of the Canadian Charter of Rights and … ; 537 View

Cruel Arithmetic

Inside the Case Against Polygamy

For thirty years, lawyers, pundits, professors, and politicians had said that section 293 of the Criminal Code of Canada—the criminal prohibition of polygamy—was unconstitutional, a … 402 View

Freedom of Conscience and Religion

When the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms was enacted in 1982, the first of its fundamental freedoms seemed less significant and less interesting than many of its other rights. However, … 239 View

Fundamental Justice

Section 7 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Section 7 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms provides that “[e]veryone has the right to life, liberty and security of the person and the right not to be deprived thereof except … 361 View

Gay Marriage

The Story of a Canadian Social Revolution

A history of the fight for same-sex marriage in Canada. Few issues have dominated recent Canadian politics like the legalization of same-sex marriage. As a political correspondent for The … ; 312 View

Quasi-constitutional Laws of Canada

As the first book dedicated to quasi-constitutional laws in Canada, this work provides a much-needed overview of the elements that unite the various rights-protecting laws that have received this … 330 View

Religious Institutions and the Law in Canada 4/e

This fourth revised edition is the leading Canadian legal text on the law relating to religious institutions. Previous editions have been frequently cited in and by all levels of Canadian courts … 511 View

Supreme Court on Trial

Judicial Activism or Democratic Dialogue

The Supreme Court of Canada has been accused of usurping Canadian democracy on a long list of divisive topics, including assisted dying, sex work, supervised injection sites, same-sex marriage, … 526 View

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms

30+ years of decisions that shape Canadian life

Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms has transformed Canadian life since it was adopted as part of the Canadian constitution in 1982. The Charter requires judges to make decisions on a … 440 View

The Court and the Charter

This companion volume to The Court and the Constitution focuses specifically on the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It features 36 cases that each include a concise introduction that provides … ; ; ; 451 View

A Brief Historical Overview of Theories about the Relationship of Church and State

From: Religious Institutions and the Law in Canada 4/e


This chapter provides an overview of theories about the relationship between church and state, from thinkers such as Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, Martin Luther, John Calvin, in radical … 30 $3.00 Add