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A Basic Guide to Canadian Family Law

What Everybody Needs to Know About Canadian Family Law but Could Never Afford to Ask


A Basic Guide to Canadian Family Law is written for the average Canadian, but will no doubt also be of great use to judges, lawyers, mediators, and others who engage in family dispute resolution. It will be of special interest to those who are contemplating separation or divorce and are looking for basic information about the legal consequences they will face and about the alternative methods available for resolving domestic disputes. Lawyers, mediators, and other professionals who engage in dispute resolution may find it useful for their clients, as will self-represented litigants. This book will also be of interest to students in schools, colleges, and universities who need a bird’s-eye view of Canadian family law before embarking on more detailed studies. Any member of the general public who is interested in their rights and obligations under Canada’s current family law system will find what they need in this informative and accessible text.