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Canada is an Outlaw


From: Warrior Life


Section four, Canada is an Outlaw, is a collection of articles and blog posts by Palmater in response to headlines about how Bill C-92 fails to protect Indigenous child welfare, lack of investment in Indigenous languages, Canada’s criminalization of Indigenous trade of tobacco, the devastating impacts of NAFTA for Indigenous peoples in Canada, the Anti-Terrorism Act’s implications for Indigenous peoples, breaches to Canada’s rule of law in the case of Wet’suwet’en First Nation, the Trans Mountain Pipeline’s impact on orca whales and Indigenous peoples, and the role of environmental and Indigenous groups to protect the public interest from the government of Canada.



Pamela Palmater

Pamela Palmater is a Mi’kmaw lawyer, professor and Chair in Indigenous Governance at Ryerson University. She is the author of Indigenous Nationhood and Beyond Blood.