Canada Vs California

How Ottawa took on Netflix and the streaming giants


Canada vs California provides a road map of the tense battle between Canadian content and California’s billion dollar businesses that threaten to drown it out.

Howard Law’s Canada vs. California maps the ongoing battle to create and promote Canadian content in the media and the digital revolution that has made it increasingly less visible. An avid advocate for Canadian content, Howard Law has spent years reporting on, and fighting for Canadian media and the journalists who create it. As a former senior official for Unifor, and with his website, Howard Law offers expert guidance on the constantly shifting battlefield between Canadian content and Meta, Google, Netflix, Amazon and other Silicon Valley giants that threaten to overwhelm us. Canada vs. California explains how creative Canadian content may not survive the dominance of the American cultural juggernaut without new and effective interventions by the Canadian state.


Howard Law

Howard Law is an advocate working to defend the interests of Canadian journalists. An activist and writer, he is the author of As an expert on the fight for Canadian content, Howard spent his career in the labour movement. He was the media director for Unifor from 2013 to 2021, representing journalists and media workers before the CRTC and Parliamentary committees. He lives and writes in Toronto, Ontario.

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This chapter introduces the concept of this book and why a book covering the political showdown of Bill C-11 is relevant and important. This chapter lays the ground work of the Bill’s …
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In this Chapter author Howard Law provides a primer on how Canada has regulated its broadcasting system for the last several decades as well as the three amendments to this act over this period …
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Chapter two shows the beginning of Canada’s thoughts on regulating internet broadcasting. Conservatives were notably against any idea of a "Netflix tax" or tax on internet based …
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This chapter offers a profile on Konrad von Finckenstein the former chair of the Canadian Radio Television and Communications Committee from 2007-2012. In this profile the Author examines von …
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Chapter three shows the creation of Bill C-10 and the initial attempts by the Liberal government to regulate internet broadcasting. Author Howard Law discuss the creation of the 2018 Yale …
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Author Howard Law tracks the unique opinions, demands and challenges of Quebec and French language media in Canada and how this pertains to Bill C-10 and C-11.
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This profile highlights the acute observations made by Martin Champoux, a former radio host and the only member of the Bloc Quebecois party on the heritage committee. Howard Law highlights the …
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Chapter 5 focuses on the key amendments that lead to Bill C-10 not passing the senate. At the core of this argument was the subject of user generated content and sites like YouTube that host it.
17 $1.70
Chapter 6 follows the creation of the new Bill C-11 after the snap election and analyzes the key differences between this bill and its predecessor. In addition to this, Howard Law speaks to …
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Howard Law Interviews Unifor National President Lana Payne. Speaking to the decimation of local news and the plight of Canadian journalists, and risks we face to democracy when we lose news programs.
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In Chapter 7 Howard Law maps the response from California streaming companies to bill C-11 and the arguments as to what constitutes Canadian content spending requirements. Howard Law breaks down …
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In chapter 8, author Howard Law tracks the proposed changes to the bill as it moved through the senate. He follows key compromises made by both liberal and conservative appointees, and closely …
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This chapter focuses on policy directives about how Bill C-11 after gaining Royal assent was to be implemented. Howard Law covers the first round of public hearings, the key policy directives …
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In an interview with brad Danks CEO of OutTv, Howard Law and Brad Danks discuss the future of broadcasting and how traditional models are becoming increasingly outdated.
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Chapter 10 discusses the need for Canadian Stories. Howard Law speaks to the core goals of the national media strategy as the means to build a collective identity and foster a nationhood in the …
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Howard Law concludes this book by summarizing the need for strong regulations regarding foreign broadcasters. He further discusses how this act may be implemented over the next years and how a …
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