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Canada’s Laws on Import and Export

An Overview

This book provides a comprehensive overview of legislation dealing with customs, customs tariffs, free trade agreements, anti-dumping measures, prohibited subsidies, Kimberley Process, cultural property, and other statutes regulating Canada’s international trade. Important illustrative decisions of the Canadian International Trade Tribunal and of the courts, as well as decisions of the NAFTA and WTO panels, are discussed to aid understanding of the interpretation by these bodies of statutory provisions. The book will be of special interest to importers, foreign exporters, customs brokers, trade law practitioners, and those engaged in international trade and commerce, as well as to Canada’s current and potential free trade partner countries.

The author’s previous works in this field include eleven editions of the Annotated Customs Act (Carswell, 1991–2012), and three editions of Customs and Excise Laws of Canada (Carswell, 1983–2004) in 8 CED (Ontario). 


Mohan Prabhu

Mohan Prabhu worked as a senior counsel with the Canadian Department of Justice prior to his retirement, and in that capacity gained experience in regulatory matters, especially in the fields of bankruptcy, environment, and customs and excise. He was the architect of the federal administrative monetary penalties system adopted in 1995, first by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and subsequently by Revenue Canada (Customs and Excise), Environment Canada, and other federal departments.

Chapter Title Contents Contributors Pages Year Price


Description of the important provisions of the Customs Act governing the basic obligations to report goods to customs, to make due entry of them, and to pay applicable duties and taxes. 75 $7.50


Description of the process of imposition of duties, tariff classification, origin of goods and marking, tariff treatment, and duties relief, including a separate classification for prohibited goods. 223 $22.30


Discussion of how the Special Import Measures Act protects Canadian manufacturers and producers. 97 $9.70


Discussion of the strategic importance of the Export and Import Permits Act and how it furthers trade policy. 16 $1.60


Discussion of the Export Act, the Wild Animals and Plant Protection Regulation of International and Interprovincial Trade Act, the Cultural Property Export and Import Act, and the Export of Rough … 17 $1.70


Discussion of the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act, the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, the Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act, the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, the Health of … 59 $5.90