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Chapter 3: The Capitalists’ State


From: The Killer's Henchman


This chapter asks who it is that made the decisions on how to respond to the pandemic (if to respond at all) and what their interests are. The author explores the domination of governments around the world by members of a billionaire class and by politicians indebted to them. The author argues that, not only do these decision-makers make decisions with capitalist class interests in mind, they operate within a capitalist framework which limits the range of decisions that can be made without impairing the smooth functioning of capitalist economies. Emphasis is on American context.



Stephen Gowans

Stephen Gowans is an independent political analyst and writer whose principal interest is how public and foreign policy is formulated, particularly in the United States. His writings, which appear on his What’s Left blog, have been reproduced widely in online and print media in many languages and have been cited in academic journals and other scholarly works. He is the author of three acclaimed books Washington’s Long War on Syria (2017), Patriots, Traitors and Empires, The Story of Korea’s Struggle for Freedom (2018), and Israel, A Beachhead in the Middle East (2019) all published by Baraka Books. He lives in Ottawa, Canada.