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Chapter 6

How a Shelter Can Prevent Homelessness: Prevention Services at the Old Brewery Mission106


From: Ending Homelessness in Canada


George Ohana’s Chapter on shelters looks at how current shelters can adapt and evolves to offer solutions to end homelessness instead of just treating the symptoms. By looking at policy, intervention, resources and support it is possible to change the mission of a shelter program to get at the causes of the issue. in this chapter he uses the Ole brewery mission in Montreal as his model discussing their partnership with McGill to look at policy opportunities to prevent homelessness. The shelters successful work in working with Post detention, eviction management, asylum seeking and treatment agencies across the city. And the need for other shelters to develop a holistic plans for prevention services as well as treatment.



Georges Ohana

Georges Ohana is the director of Homelessness prevention and research at the Old Brewery Mission, the largest organization serving homeless people in Quebec. He lives and works in the great Montreal Area of Quebec.