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Chapter 9

Our Culture Is Our Code: How to Prevent Homelessness in the First Nation World


From: Ending Homelessness in Canada


In chapter 9 Michale rice talk s about his decades of experience working within his community and along side others to transform the way reserves are run, turning them from dependant to independent self-sufficient financial operations representing the Values their communities still hold sacred. By turning a small free housing grant system into a revolving loan repayment plan his community has been able to provide exponentially more housing, turning 150,000-dollar loan into a 27 million-dollar housing fund. His intuitive and financial changes have created systemic change for his community and has allowed for many other programs to be created. His solutions to Indigenous homelessness revolve around communities re investing back into themselves and transforming the models offered to them by colonial powers into decolonial financial models for self governance and sustainable growth.



Michael L. Rice

Michael L. Rice is the Chair of the First Nations Market Housing Fund which is an Indigenous directed organization promoting home ownership for First Nations people across Canada. He is Kanien’kehà:ka (Mohawk) of the Bear Clan and resides in Kahnawake.