L’Amoreaux North Park and Passmore Forest

From: Toronto's Ravines and Urban Forests


Naturalist Jason Ramsay-Brown uses L’Amoreaux North Park and Passmore Forest, located in Toronto’s Highland Creek watershed, to illustrate how the growth of the city has impacted both our natural and archaeological heritage.



Jason Ramsay-Brown

JASON RAMSAY-BROWN is President of the Toronto Field Naturalists and represented TFN on the City of Toronto's Ravine Strategy Advisory Group in 2015/2016. He served for many years as a volunteer on the Todmorden Mills Wildflower Preserve Stewardship Team, Beechwood Wetland Stewardship Team, and as a Planting Captain with the City of Toronto. Jason lectures extensively all across Toronto, advocating for the protection and growth of Toronto's ravines and the preservation of their remarkable biodiversity.