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Chapter Five: The Justice System Sieve


From: Murder in Renfrew County


Chapter Five pays close attention to the exact way in which the justice system failed the victims of the September 22nd murder. Illuminating the ways in which Basil Borutski was able to shirk court orders and become a repeat offender escalating his violence. It discusses his refusal to participate in in the Partner Assault Response program (PAR) and the critique of that program by independent review committees, his access to fire arms and the PAL license he was able to hold onto despite an order to surrender it, the stayed and dismissed charges against him, and the failure of the justice system to properly protect and notify his victims of his whereabouts. Critically it looks at his status as a low risk offender and how the score used to determine this is ineffective at properly assessing perpetrators of intimate partner violence.



Dean Beeby

DEAN BEEBY is an investigative journalist and author. Born in Halifax, he was Atlantic bureau chief for The Canadian Press news agency before his transfer to Ottawa, where he later worked in the Parliamentary bureau of the CBC. An expert in the use of freedom of information laws, he has authored several books, including one about the RCMP, a focus of his investigative journalism. His book about the Renfrew County murders is set to be published in the spring of 2024. He lives and works in Ottawa.