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Chapter Three: The Preventable Crime


From: Murder in Renfrew County


This chapter follows the murders of Arlene May, Theresa Davies, and Gillian Hadley in the Renfrew County Area and the two separate inquests that followed their deaths 17 and 13 years before the violent murders on September 22 2015. Each inquest produced dozens of recommendations on how to protect victims of intimate partner violence many of which were never implemented. This chapter also discusses the creation of the Domestic Violence Death Review Committee.



Dean Beeby

DEAN BEEBY is an investigative journalist and author. Born in Halifax, he was Atlantic bureau chief for The Canadian Press news agency before his transfer to Ottawa, where he later worked in the Parliamentary bureau of the CBC. An expert in the use of freedom of information laws, he has authored several books, including one about the RCMP, a focus of his investigative journalism. His book about the Renfrew County murders is set to be published in the spring of 2024. He lives and works in Ottawa.