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ISBN: 9781552213124-03


Competition Policy, Efficacy, and the National Securities Reference

From: What's Next for Canada?


Critique of the Securities Reference based on the comparative national importance of securities regulation and competition policy, and the Court’s apparent confusion in attempting to set aside considerations of efficacy in determining jurisdiction.



Edward M Iacobucci

Edward M. Iacobucci is Professor, Associate Dean Research, and Osler Chair in Business Law at the Faculty of Law, University of Toronto. He was visiting professor at New York University Law School in 2007, visiting professor at University of Chicago Law School in 2003, and a John M. Olin visiting fellow at Columbia University Law School in 2002. He won a teaching prize at the Faculty of Law in 2000 and was a joint winner with his co-authors of the 2002–2003 Doug Purvis Prize in Canadian economics for The Law and Economics of Canadian Competition Policy. His areas of interest include corporate law, competition law, and law and economics more generally.