Dream Change

From: Tar Sands Showdown


This final chapter discusses the need to start changing the dream of the good life based on accumulating wealth and power, including our model of industrialization, and developing strategies for transition to an alternative energy and environmental future: (a) sustainability challenge: the reasons why societies collapse when they fail to meet the test of sustainability and how this applies to the development of the tar sands; (b) energy transitions: how to move from the massive development of the tar sands to a made-in-Canada plan of action for transition to an alternative energy and environmental future; (c) -: how the transition to a sustainable future will require a ‘cultural turning,’ an ‘economic turning,’ and a ‘political turning.’



Tony Clarke

TONY CLARKE is the founder and director of the Polaris Institute in Ottawa, an organization dedicated to developing tools and strategies for civic action on major public policy issues, including energy security, water rights, and free trade. He holds a doctorate from the University of Chicago, has written numerous books, and is the recipient of Sweden's Right Livelihood Award, the "alternative Nobel Prize." Among his most recent books is Blue Gold: The Fight to Stop the Corporate Theft of the World's Water with Maude Barlow.