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Feminist Anthropology and Copyright

Gauging the Application and Limitations of Oppositions Models

From: Intellectual Property for the 21st Century


The purpose of this brief chapter is to explore the application of interdisciplinarity to intellectual property law, specifically copyright law, through the lens of feminist critiques. The paper attempts to demonstrate how the application and limitation of the two oppositions models offered by feminist anthropology intersect with copyright law. Specifically, drawing on examples from what is considered to be traditionally feminine areas of creativity, the paper broadly examines the values we associate with women, what they create, and how it is perceived and valued before the law.



B Courtney Doagoo

B Courtney Doagoo is a PhD Candidate at the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law. Her interests in the arts and culture have led her to pursue legal issues at the intersection of intellectual property and creativity, innovation, fashion, commerce, the Internet, the arts, and Traditional Knowledge. She is a regular contributor to IP Osgoode’s IPilogue ( and the Centre for Art Law (, and is in the process of co-creating an online cultural forum colours on white background ( Since 2012 she has been a Director on the Board of MASC: Multicultural Arts | Schools | Communities (