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Women and Work (Sample Coursepack)

This collection was developed using the search tools and subject-tagging features available on Canadian CourseReadings and compiled by one of our users. The content in this collection was drawn from five different books whose chapters are available on the website. The other chapters from these titles can be found by clicking on the ‘from’ link at the top of the product page

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Discusses the positive impact basic income would have on women, including the ability to leave abusive relationships without fear of crippling poverty and compensation for unpaid work. Critiques … 16 $1.60


Describes and analyzes the various ways basic income would impact different people. Examples include people with disabilities, Indigenous and racialized people, and youth. Identifies some of the … 17 $1.70


Chapter seven examines the impact that the triumph of neo-liberalism had on the Canadian labour movement in the 1990s and the early 2000s. It includes the many state measures introduced to … ; 26 $2.60


- 17 $1.53


- ; 14 $1.26
- 15 $1.50


Gender and Sex Segregation at Work Other Gendered Characteristics of Working Life Gendered Division of Occupational Health Effects Risks in Work Usually Assigned to Women Risks Associated with … 13 $1.30