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From: Immigration Law, 2/e


Examination of the criteria used to find a person inadmissible to Canada.



Jamie Chai Yun Liew

A daughter of a stateless immigrant to Canada, Jamie Chai Yun Liew is an immigration and refugee lawyer who has appeared at the Immigration and Refugee Board, Federal Court, Federal Court of Appeal, and the Supreme Court of Canada. She is also an assistant professor at the Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa, where she teaches, among other courses, Immigration and Refugee Law, Advanced Refugee Law, and Administrative Law. Professor Liew is the holder of degrees in political science and commerce from the University of Calgary, international affairs from Carleton University, and law from the University of Ottawa and Columbia University. She is a member of litigation committees for the Canadian Council for Refugees and the Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers, and her research focuses on the performative and consequential aspects of how Canadian law is affecting refugees and immigrants. Having clerked with Justice Douglas Campbell at the Federal Court of Canada, Professor Liew was also a member of the Sesay defence team at the Special Court in Sierra Leone and the Commission counsel team at the Cornwall Public Inquiry.

Donald Galloway

Donald Galloway is a professor of law at the University of Victoria, where he teaches Immigration and Citizenship Law, Refugee Law, and Torts. Professor Galloway has degrees in law and philosophy from the University of Edinburgh and Harvard University. He has served as a member of the Refugee Division of the Immigration and Refugee Board and as a member of the executive of the Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers. Professor Galloway has appeared as an expert before House of Commons and Senate committees, and is the recipient of the Bora Laskin National Fellowship in Human Rights Research.