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Mad Studies, Mad Theory

Section 14: Mad Studies


From: Critical Social Work Praxis


Brenda A. LeFrançois and Christine Peddle introduce major theoretical, community and activist foundations of the field of mad studies. LeFrançois and Peddle argue that mad studies shares a commitment to making visible mad culture and mad pride as well as to denouncing and interrogating the epistemic violence of sanism and the biomedical model and the oppression of psy-systems. The authors adeptly trace the multiple theoretical and historical influences that inform mad studies, including critical disability studies, postcolonialism, decoloniality, feminism and critical race theory, to name a few.



Brenda A LeFrançois

Brenda LeFrançois is a university research professor in the School of Social Work, Memorial University of Newfoundland. With twenty-five years of experience as an academic, Dr. LeFrançois’ teaching has focused primarily on social work theory and praxis, critical mental health and qualitative research methodologies. Likewise, their activist scholarship is theory-infused and focuses on psychiatrization, sanism and anti-sanist praxis, from mad studies, anarchist and critical childhood studies perspectives. They have published widely on these and related topics.

Christine Peddle

Christine R. Peddle is an adolescent mental health counsellor in western Newfoundland. Her research interests include mad studies, adolescent sexuality and alternative measures for youth. She volunteers with the Bay of Islands Youth Extrajudicial Sanctions Committee.