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Murder in Renfrew County

The predator who left three women dead- and the justice system that failed to stop him


The murder of three women in Ontario’s Renfrew County, and the inquest into violence against women that followed.

The story of the murder of three women in Ontario’s Renfrew county by their ex-partner and the full-scale investigation that followed.

Dean Beeby, a skilled reporter and author, chronicles the day of violence, exploring the circumstances that led up to three tragic confrontations. Their deaths triggered an inquiry that addressed the larger issues of femicide and the systems that fail victims of intimate partner violence.

Describing the months-long inquest that followed and its findings, Dean Beeby explores how the justice system does not adequately address the needs of victims and how perpetrators of intimate partner violence are given ample opportunity to re-offend and escalate their actions.


Dean Beeby

DEAN BEEBY is an investigative journalist and author. Born in Halifax, he was Atlantic bureau chief for The Canadian Press news agency before his transfer to Ottawa, where he later worked in the Parliamentary bureau of the CBC. An expert in the use of freedom of information laws, he has authored several books, including one about the RCMP, a focus of his investigative journalism. His book about the Renfrew County murders is set to be published in the spring of 2024. He lives and works in Ottawa.

Chapter Title Contents Contributors Pages Year Price


Author Dean Beeby takes the reader through his thoughts while working at the CBC Parliamentary Bureau as the case broke. Dean reflects on the incompetence of the justice system and how it failed … 10 $1.00


This chapter leads us through the murders of Nathalie Warmerdam, Anastasia Kuzyk, and Carol Culleton on September 22nd 2020. Beeby Introduces the victims, their relationship to their killer, and … 47 $4.70


This chapter acts as a case study and details how each of Borutski’s former partners found themselves victim to Intimate partner violence. Dean Beeby highlights the unique steps each woman … 84 $8.40


This chapter follows the murders of Arlene May, Theresa Davies, and Gillian Hadley in the Renfrew County Area and the two separate inquests that followed their deaths 17 and 13 years before the … 20 $2.00


This chapter describes the Renfrew County inquest, including the three parties that were given standing to cross examine, and the jurors selected. Like the two former inquests, this was not about … 14 $1.40


Chapter Five pays close attention to the exact way in which the justice system failed the victims of the September 22nd murder. Illuminating the ways in which Basil Borutski was able to shirk … 32 $3.20


Chapter six reviews key recommendations made by the jurors in light of the Inquest. Of the eighty-two recommendations the first called upon the provincial government to declare intimate partner … 37 $3.70


Author Dean Beeby’s conclusion speaks the way in which communities, families and friends begin to heal after losing a loved one to Intimate partner violence. He speaks to how we commemorate … 21 $2.10