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Mussolini the Builder

Did the Duce give all Italians a home to live in?

From: Mussolini Also Did A Lot of Good


This chapter examines the dangerous association of the right to a home with Fascism in Italy, which the author calls one of the most effective and impactful posthumous propagandist operations for the rehabilitation of the dictatorship. The author looks at the real history of social housing programs in Italy as well as examines how Mussolini’s fascists were in fact inadequate builders and rebuilders. It also refutes the idea that Mussolini gave Italy a modern road network.



Francesco Filippi

Francesco Filippi is a historian of mentalities and an educator who has specialized in the relationship between memory and the present. Mussolini Also Did A Lot of Good Things is his first book to appear in English. He lives in Trento, Italy.