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Recruitment, Training, Management


From: Crisis in Canada's Policing


This chapter explores the hiring practices of Canadian police departments, and how these practices have a deleterious effect on police efficacy.



John Sewell

JOHN SEWELL is a former mayor of Toronto who was responsible for helping to establish the city's first independent police complaints commission and the Toronto Police Accountability Coalition, an organization that encourages debate about police policy issues. For more than twenty years, he was an urban affairs columnist for The Globe and Mail, NOW Magazine and Eye Weekly. He is also the author of eight previous books, including Doors Open Toronto: Illuminating the City's Great Spaces, The Shape of the City, with a foreword by Jane Jacobs, The Shape of the Suburbs and The Police in Canada. He was appointed to the Order of Canada in 2005. He lives in Toronto, Ontario.

Christopher J. Williams

CHRISTOPHER J. WILLIAMS is a researcher and educator in the fields of sociology and criminology who has taught at York University, Brock University and the University of Western Ontario. His published academic work has been featured in journals such as Race & Class, Canadian Ethnic Studies, Housing Studies and the African Geographical Review. His first book, Boomerang Ethics: How Racism Affects Us All, was published in 2017 and co-authored with Professor Joseph Mensah of York University. Additionally, at the level of grassroots activism, he has worked with a variety of Toronto-based organizations dedicated to addressing issues pertaining to how police power is exercised against marginalized communities and is currently a member of the Toronto Police Accountability Coalition. He lives in Toronto.