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ISBN: 9781552214008-03


Special Topics in Negligence

From: Law of Torts, 5/e


Discussion of the inherent flexibility of negligence law, the influence of social policy, and the dynamism of the fault concept as illustrated by examples of products liability, informed consent to medical treatment, human reproduction, occupiers’ liability, breach of statutory duty, pure economic loss, governmental liability, prevention of criminal violence, negligent investigations, educational and legal malpractice, statutory and non-statutory regulation, and third party involvement in family disputes.



Philip H. Osborne

Until his retirement, Philip H. Osborne was a professor of law at the Faculty of Law, University of Manitoba, where he taught the law of torts and the law of contracts. Currently, he is a senior scholar at the Faculty. He is the co-author of Canadian Medical Law: An Introduction for Physicians, Nurses and Other Health Care Practitioners, 4th ed., 2013 (with J.C. Irvine & M.J. Shariff).