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Looks at the Health Council of Canada’s 2007 report that synthesizes four years of public opinion polling (2002 to 2006) on the Canadian health system as it relates to reforming rather than privatizing our public health services to ensure the long-term sustainability of our public system



Marcy Cohen

Marcy Cohen is research and policy director at the BC Hospital Employees Union and research associate with the BC office of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA). She has in recent years led research projects on community health restructuring, the privatization of support services, democratic governance of health care, public–private partnerships, and staffing issues in residential care. Her current research focuses on positive strategies for reforming public health: on wait lists and on community health services (home support, home care, primary care, community mental health, and long-term care). Marcy Cohen is the board chair of CCPA-BC and the Vancouver Foundation Committee on Community Health Research.