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The Collective Action Problem

From: Medicare


Outlines that the real issue is not whether for-profit private care is the answer, but rather how we can find a collective answer to achieve the vision of “Medicare 2.” Looks at the possibility of social change, Medicare redefining the future, four princibles for the path ahead, and the barriers to change



Robert McMurtry

Robert McMurtry is professor of surgery at the University of Western Ontario and orthopedic consultant at St. Joseph’s Health Care in London, Ontario. His work involves an active clinical practice as well as teaching and research. In October of 2003, he was appointed to the Transition Advisory Board of the incoming provincial government of Ontario. He is a member of the Health Council of Canada and chaired the Wait Times and Accessibility Work Group (2004–2006). Dr. McMurtry is the founding assistant deputy minister of the Population and Public Health Branch of Health Canada. He was a special advisor to the Romanow Commission. He was dean of medicine at the University of Western Ontario and subsequently dean of medicine and dentistry from 1992 to 1999.