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"The courts have turned women into slaves for the men of this world"

Irene Murdoch's Quest for Justice

From: Property on Trial


Examination of a 1973 Supreme Court of Canada decision on marital property rights from the perspective of the wife’s lawyer and in the context of a feminist movement for law reform.



Vanessa Gruben

Vanessa Gruben, BScH (Queen’s), LLB (Ottawa), LLM (Columbia) is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa. Prior to joining the Faculty of Law, she clerked for Justice Michel Bastarache at the Supreme Court of Canada and practiced in the litigation department of a national law firm. Professor Gruben teaches in the areas of property law, family law, and health law and policy. Her research interests include: the intersection between family law and health law, women’s health, reproductive health law, feminist legal theory and the protection of language rights in Canada.

Angela Cameron

Angela Cameron received her LLB from Dalhousie University in 1998, and was admitted to the Nova Scotia Bar in 1999. She received her LLM from the University of British Columbia in 2003 and her Doctorate from the University of Victoria in 2012. She was an SSHRC Doctoral Fellow, and a President’s Research Scholar at the University of Victoria. Professor Cameron’s research is generally in the area of social justice, with a particular focus on the equality interests of women. Professor Cameron’s research areas include criminal law, restorative justice, property law, reproductive technologies law, family law, legal theory, sociological approaches to law, and human rights law. She is the administrator of

Angela Chaisson

Angela Chaisson is a graduate of the University of Ottawa’s faculty of law, where she focused on social justice and equality issues. She is a feminist lawyer practising criminal, constitutional, and administrative law in Toronto.