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The Crisis in the US Litigation Model of Labour Rights Enforcement

From: One Law for All?


Analysis of the American litigation model of enforcement through the courts of statutory claims for labour standards and anti-discrimination claims.



Alan Hyde

Alan Hyde is Distinguished Professor of Law and Sidney Reitman Scholar at Rutgers School of Law. Before coming to Rutgers, he was an instructor at New York University School of Law and represented the National Labor Relations Board in federal courts of appeals. He has been a visiting professor at Yale, Columbia, Cornell, New York University, Cardozo, Fordham, Brooklyn, the University of Michigan, and the University of Toronto. He is a member of the American Law Institute and consultant to its current Restatement of Employment Law. His research interests focus on the globalization of labor markets and the economics of labor mobility. He also studies the changing meaning of citizenship and low naturalization rates among immigrants to the US. His numerous publications include Working in Silicon Valley: Economic and Legal Analysis of a High-Velocity Labor Market (2003) and Bodies of Law (1997). He is a director of the Association for Union Democracy, and writes briefs on labor and employment cases on behalf of the Association and other employee rights organizations.