“Too Asian”?

Racism and Post-Secondary Education

The now notorious Maclean’s article “Too Asian?” from the magazine’s 2010 campus issue has sparked a national furor about race in Canadian higher education. Since the founding of the federal policy of multiculturalism, Canadians have prided themselves on their ability to integrate diversity into a broader multicultural environment, but the often heated discussions about race point to fissures in this national project. This collection uses the controversy about the Maclean’s article as a flashpoint to interrogate issues about race and representation on Canadian campuses and what it means for students and learning across the country.


RJ Gilmour

RJ Gilmour holds a PhD in History from York University.

Davina Bhandar

Davina Bhandar is a professor of Canadian Studies at Trent University.

Jeet Heer

Jeet Heer writes for The National Post, The Walrus, the Guardian, the Globe, and is finishing his doctoral thesis at York University.

Michael C.K. Ma

Michael C.K. Ma is professor of Criminology at Kwantlen Polytechnic University and a board member of the Chinese Canadian National Council — Toronto Chapter.

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The introduction looks at how liberal and right-wing journalism in Canada deal with issues of “Race” and multiculturalism, especially on university and college campuses.
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Where did Maclean’s get the notion that they were honourably defending “merit-based” admissions policies against American racist policies? The idea that only considering …
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At its heart, the “Too Asian” controversy is about weighing the benefits to the community against the rights of the individual. That balancing act extends far beyond the campus, and …
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This chapter provides several personal stories of the experience of race and racism among students ant Canadian universities.
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