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Why Butterfly Should Stop Committing Literary Hara-kiri

From: Bigotry on Broadway


This chapter explores the racism, fetishism/objectification, and misogyny of Madame Butterfly.



Yuri Kageyama

Yuri Kageyama is a poet, filmmaker and journalist. Her latest book is The New and Selected Yuri: Writing from Peeling Till Now (Ishmael Reed Publishing, 2011). She has written and produced two films, The Very Special Day, a 2019 collaboration with stop motion artist Hayatto, and News from Fukushima: Meditation on an Under-Reported Catastrophe by a Poet, a 2018 Yoshiaki Tago film that documents a performance in San Francisco, directed by Carla Blank. The theater piece brings together Kageyama’s poetry and prose with dance, music and video. Her poems and essays are in various literary publications, including Y’Bird, KONCH and Tokyo Poetry Journal. She leads her spoken-word band Yuricane. She lives in Tokyo.