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Baraka Books is a Quebec-based English-language book publisher specializing in creative and political non-fiction, history and historical fiction, and fiction. Their belief is that books are a haven of freedom and that they remain the foremost vector for change. The word baraka is used in many languages and cultures and, depending on the language, can mean blessing, wisdom, luck, and more. Inspired by this multilingual and cross-cultural word, Baraka Books is committed to providing English-speaking readers in Canada and elsewhere with ideas, points of view, and creative works that might otherwise be overlooked because of cultural or linguistic barriers.

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A Distinct Alien Race

The Untold Story of Franco-Americans - Industrialization, Immigration, Religious Strife

“The French number more than a million in the United States…. They are kept a distinct alien race, subject to the Pope in matters of religion and of politics. Soon…they will govern you, … 394 View

A People’s History of Quebec

This lively guide to Quebec history tells the fascinating story of the settlement of the St. Lawrence River Valley over nearly 500 years. But it also tells of the Montreal and Quebec-based … ; 209 View

Charging Ahead

Hydro-Québec and the Future of Electricity

Hydro-Québec manages one of the largest power grids on the continent. It is among the most profitable, the least expensive and the greenest. With a stunning renewable energy rate of 99.8 … ; 320 View

Let’s Move On

Paul Okalik Speaks Out

Pangnirtung, where Paul Okalik was born, has survived starvation, epidemics, relocation, foreign language schooling, and confrontation with the Canadian justice system. That is what prompted Paul … ; 200 View

Montreal, City of Secrets

Confederate Operations in Montreal During the American Civil War

“Barry Sheehy lays out the case for the involvement of the Confederates in a concise and convincing manner showing once and for all that Booth could not have carried out his plot without … ; 300 View

Motherhood, The Mother of All Sexism

A Plea for Parental Equality

Quebec spoils its families, according to some, with those “long” parental leaves—a full year for mothers (Imagine!)—well-subsidized childcare and more. Marilyse Hamelin … 180 View

Patriots, Traitors and Empires

The Story of Korea's Struggle for Freedom

“In the night of our ignorance, North Korea confirms all stereotypes.”—Bruce Cumings Patriots, Traitors and Empires is an account of modern Korean history, written from the … 272 View

Rwanda and the New Scramble for Africa

From Tragedy to Useful Imperial Fiction

“… essential reading.” Edward S. Herman An accepted narrative holds that horrible Rwandan Hutu génocidaires planned and executed a satanic scheme to eliminate nearly a million Tutsis after a … 276 View

Scandinavian Common Sense

Policies to Tackle Social Inequalities in Health

When some claim austerity is the only answer to today’s economic woes, a close look at the best practices in Scandinavia and Finland gives pause for thought. Cited as models for their … ; ; 192 View

Slouching Towards Sirte

NATO's War on Libya and Africa

NATO’s war in Libya was proclaimed as a humanitarian intervention—bombing in the name of “saving lives.” Attempts at diplomacy were stifled. Peace talks were subverted. … 344 View

Songs Upon the Rivers

The Buried History of the French-Speaking Canadiens and Métis from the Great Lakes and the Mississippi across to the Pacific

“A major undertaking … a valuable contribution,” Canada’s History Long before the Davy Crocketts, the Daniel Boones and Jim Bridgers, the French had pushed far west and north establishing trade … ; ; 448 View

Storming the Old Boys’ Citadel

Two Pioneer Women Architects of Nineteenth Century North America

“Women” and “architecture” were once mutually exclusive terms. In an 1891 address, Louise Blanchard Bethune declared, “it is hardly safe to assert” that a … ; 234 View

The Einstein File

The FBI’s Secret War Against the World’s Most Famous Scientist - New Updated Edition

Einstein arrived in the United States in 1933, the year the Nazis rose to power in Germany. From that moment until he died in 1955, J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI—with other … ; ; 402 View

The First Jews in North America

The Extraordinary Story of the Hart Family, 1760-1860

“Vaugeois’s fascinating account, amply illustrated by archival documents, is a valuable contribution to the history of Quebec, Canada and minority-majority relations.” The … ; 380 View

The Franz Boas Enigma

Inuit, Arctic, and Sciences

“… Franz Boas has remained an enigma, so misunderstood as a person and so often misrepresented as an anthropologist.” William S. Willis, Jr. How did Franz Boas become the … 188 View

The History of Montréal

The Story of a Great North American City

Montreal is one of those unique cities at the crossroads of history. Paul-André Linteau’s The History of Montréal provides essential background for both Montrealers and all those … 206 View