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Across Borders and Cultures

Thomas King's Artistic Activism


From: Borders, Culture, and Globalization


This chapter analyzes works by Thomas King in terms of their diverse cultural expressions, border representations, and identity negotiations in figurative borderlands settings. It draws on ideas about artistic activism, motion and fluidity, subversion, resistance, and survival.



Evelyn P. Mayer

Evelyn P. Mayer holds an MA degree in Conference Interpreting for German, English, and French, and a PhD in American Studies (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany). During her PhD work, she spent a year in Ottawa and Bellingham, Washington, conducting border research. Her book Narrating North American Borderlands: Thomas King, Howard F. Mosher, and Jim Lynch was published in 2014. Evelyn has worked as an English coach and a lecturer in university, teaching on borders, literature, and mobility. She currently works as an interpreter and translator in Munich, Germany.