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If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for in our frequently asked questions, please contact us.

What books do I find on the site?

Titles come from our participating publishers, and new content is added all the time. We are also actively recruiting new publishers to this initiative.

What about books I want to access that I don’t find on the platform?

Contact us and give us the details (the book’s title, author, publisher)

If the book is published by one of our participating publishers, we’ll ask the publisher to add it. We will let you know as soon as it is available

If the work is published by another Canadian publisher, we’ll let them know you’re looking for their material and invite them to provide the title.

Our initial mandate is Canadian-published books in the social sciences and humanities but we hope to expand our scope as we grow.

How does our campus bookstore access my course readings?

After selecting course reading(s), you will receive an email with the unique identifier for your collection. You can provide that identifier to your bookstore so they can place an order for your course readings from their designated coursepack supplier.

If your institution’s procedure is that you submit a list of course readings to your university copyright office, forward our email with your unique identifier to them. This will allow them to contact us to obtain the digital files for your selection, for use in a collection of course readings or for loading on your course management software.

If your selection is a standalone collection, your bookstore has the option of ordering copies from their usual coursepack supplier, or ordering a paperback printed volume of your selection directly from us. We will fulfill the order with printed copies.

How does our campus bookstore sell my course readings?

Your campus bookstore orders and sells paperback printed copies supplied to them by us


Your campus bookstore produces printed copies from digital files of your selection that we supply to them.


Your campus bookstore orders a coursepack containing your selection from its usual coursepack supplier who generates printed copies.


Your campus bookstore sells students’ access to a digital copy of your selection that students then access on your campus course management system.

Can you supply my course readings to an outside bookstore?

If your practice is to use an off-campus bookseller to sell your course materials, you can pass along information about your selection of course readings to that bookstore. They can order your course readings in print format, perfect bound, from us. Our price to them will include the content cost plus the cost of printing and binding. We will print and ship these copies to them for resale to your students.

What does this service cost me?

Course instructors can register and then make unlimited use of our platform – for free!

What does this service cost my students?

Course readings you select on this site are priced by their publishers – the average is 10 cents per page, and some content is available free of charge. If your bookstore orders a paperback volume of your selection from us, the cost to your bookstore of a 250 page course reading selection will be 10 cents a page for content plus 3-4 cents per page for printing and binding, a total of about $35 for a 200-page selection. Your bookstore sets its final selling price to students.

Can I add other material to my course readings?

We can supply your Canadian CourseReadings digital file to your campus bookstore or authorized course reading printer. The campus store or course readings printer can combine the Canadian CourseReadings digital file with other digital documents you provide.

How quickly can you fill my order?

Once we receive a completed purchase order from your campus bookstore or course reading producer, we will supply the PDF version within two business days. If the order is for printed copies, your order will be shipped in 10-20 business days.

Why should students pay for course readings?

Canadian CourseReadings offers a pay-for-use approach for access to individual chapters of published books, at reasonable student-friendly prices.

Revenues earned by publishers and authors from sales supplement revenues received from sales of full print and digital copies of these books.

Adequate revenues from the sale of Canadian scholarly and academic titles are vital to the ongoing publishing of new material in the humanities and social sciences.

The pay-for-use approach is transparent to users, and our micro pricing is in contrast to the pricing practices of some publishing multinationals.

If you have any further questions or require any assistance, please visit our Contact page.




This project has been made possible in part by the Government of Canada.