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Aboriginal Measures for Economic Development

This volume explores Indigenous measures of economic development in First Nations Atlantic Canadian communities that are of relevance for First Nations peoples. This volume illustrates the key … ; 232 View

About Canada

Public-Private Partnerships

P3s fundamentally transform public infrastructure, public services, labour relations, public sectors and the everyday lives of Canadians. While contracting out services is supposed to save money, … 142 View

Canada after Harper

His ideology-fuelled attack on Canadian society and values, and how we can now work to create the country we want

Most Canadians know that Stephen Harper has had a tremendous impact on the country since becoming prime minister in 2006. But few have the in-depth knowledge of how far his transformation has … 400 View

Canada Since 1960: A People’s History

A Left Perspective on 50 Years of Politics, Economics and Culture

When Winnipeg's Cy Gonick started the magazine Canadian Dimension in 1963 to provide a home for the thinking and analysis of mostly young leftists engaged in Canadian economic, social, … 576 View

Canadian Studies

Past, Present, Praxis

Canadian Studies: Past, Present, Praxis provides an overview of the development and evolution of Canadian Studies as a field of research and teaching, from the landmark Symons Report in 1975 to … ; 345 View


How Stephen Harper and his think tank colleagues have transformed Canada

Margaret Thatcher transformed British political life forever. So did Ronald Reagan in the United States. Now Canada has experienced a similar, dramatic shift to a new kind of politics, which … 288 View

Our Lives: Canada after 1945

Second Edition

This book offers a short, comprehensive history of post-war Canada. All the major events and developments in Canadian history are discussed: the evolution of the welfare state; the growth of … 488 View

The Rise of the New West

The History of a Region in Confederation

This one-volume history chronicles a 150-year history of dramatic changes in fortune and attitudes in western Canada. From the Riel Rebellions and the Winnipeg General Strike to the founding of … 400 View

Brave New World

From: Our Lives: Canada after 1945


1945-1963. Looks at this period in terms of economic expansion and the emergence of a weak welfare states, notes the conflicting pressures in government policy making between public demand for … 41 $4.10 Add

Foreward and Introduction

Keeping the Spark Alive

From: Canada Since 1960: A People's History


Sets up the ideas behind the book and why it is important. Outlines a bit about Canadian Dimension in that it is a intellectual left megazine and thoughts on why it has remained in circulation ; 10 $1.00 Add


From: Harperism


Outlines Stephen Harper’s changes that were instituted, outlines a connection between neo-liberal think tanks and Harper’s election, comparisons to Reganism and Thatcherism 10 $1.00 Add


From: Canadian Studies


- ; 10 $1.00 Add

Introduction – Defining and Measuring Aboriginal Economic Development Success

From: Aboriginal Measures for Economic Development


- ; 5 $0.55 Add


From: The Rise of the New West


A brief overview of the changing political landscape in the West of Canada lead by a concern for the economic landscape. Concluding that the future is ominous and uncertain 5 $0.50 Add


Let’s Make Canada the Great Country It Could Be / For Canada, the American Model is Unsafe at

Any Speed

From: Canada after Harper


Finn describes Canada’s state under Harper and the country’s socioeconomic status. Nader describes how excessive corporate power and influence had transformed the United States into … ; 30 $3.00 Add

What are P3s?

From: About Canada


- 17 $1.70 Add