Social Justice

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Beyond Shelters

Solutions to Homelessness in Canada from the Front Lines

This book offers essays by experienced shelter managers who address the future of the homeless shelter in Canada. This diverse collection includes contributions by leaders in the homelessness … 256 View

Frequently Asked White Questions

Are you a white person with questions about how race affects different situations, but you feel awkward, shy, or afraid to ask the people of colour in your life? Are you a racialized person who … ; 128 View

Inside Out

The Equity Leader’s Guide to Undoing Institutional Racism

Providing a roadmap to workplace and organizational change, Inside Out is packed with practical tools for working collectively towards racial justice and dismantling institutional racism. This … 282 View

Pursuing Justice Second Edition

An Introduction to Justice Studies

Pursuing justice is daunting. It plays out in a variety of contexts — like the environment, employment, the criminal justice system — and raises tough issues like racism, gender … 474 View

Someone To Talk To

Care and Control of the Homeless

Someone To Talk To is an empassioned account of life on the mean streets of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Homeless and near-homeless persons recount in agonizing detail their experiences … 135 View

This is My Real Name

A Stripper's Memoir

The frank and bracing memoir of a woman who spent ten years as a stripper. This Is My Real Name is the memoir of Cid V Brunet, who spent ten years working as a dancer at strip clubs, using the … 289 View

White Benevolence

Racism and Colonial Violence in the Helping Professions

When working with Indigenous people, the helping professions —education, social work, health care and justice — reinforce the colonial lie that Indigenous people need saving. In White … ; ; 289 View

A Foundation for the Social Work Profession

From: Africentric Social Work

The editors of the volume discuss their experiences in academia, the Eurocentric model of social work, and anti-black racism. ; ; ; ; 25 $2.50 Add

Defining Justice

From: Pursuing Justice Second Edition

Objectives Studying Justice Rules for the Study of Justice The Interdisciplinary Nature of the Study of Justice Multiple and Changing Definitions of Justice So How Does the Law Fit into the Study … 26 $2.60 Add

For FAWQ’s Sake

From: Frequently Asked White Questions

In the introduction, authors Ajay Parasram and Alex Khasnabish  discuss the challenges with providing and conducting antiracist education and their previous experience creating the Safe … ; 10 $1.00 Add


From: Inside Out

Forward from Leticia Nieto, Psychotherapist, Anti-Oppression Trainer, Socionomist, and Professor at St. Martin’s University, Lacey, Washington. 3 $0.30 Add


From: Someone To Talk To

3 $0.30 Add


The Shelterscape in Canada

From: Beyond Shelters

Provides a short history of the homeless shelter sector’s development followed by a description of its current size, shape, and orientations in Canada. Analyzes how homeless shelters have … 14 $1.40 Add