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Bearing Witness

Journalists, Record Keepers and the 1917 Halifax Explosion

Bearing Witness tells the story of the Explosion, and the catastrophic damage it caused, through the eyes and words of more than two dozen journalists and record keepers who experienced it first … 221 View

Canadian Culture in a Globalized World

The impact of trade deals on Canada's cultural life

Since the first trade deal with the US in 1984, Canada has insisted on a “cultural exemption” to ensure that governments were free to protect Canadian culture and to restrict foreign … 256 View


Making Sense of Canadian Media in the Digital Age

Canada’s creative industries encompass book, periodical, and newspaper publishing; radio and television broadcasting; the music industry; video game production; filmmaking and video … ; 248 View


Canadian and European Presence in Cyberspace

This innovative study explores diverse aspects of Canadian and European identity on the information highway and reaches beyond technical issues to confront and explore communication, culture and … 220 View

i-Minds, 2nd edition

How and Why Constant Connectivity is Rewiring Our Brains and What to Do About it

The way we use i-technology is affecting our health and happiness. While programs, devices, information, and constant connectivity can offer us ease, liberation, and efficiency, they can also … 528 View

The Tangled Garden

A Canadian Cultural Manifesto for the Digital Age

The emergence of Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google (the FAANGs) has created an unprecedented challenge to Canada’s news, television and film businesses. In this book Richard … 224 View

Working for the Common Good

Canadfian Women Politicians

In Working for the Common Good, Madelyn Holmes details the political policy work of eight social democratic Canadian women and highlights their largely unrecognized struggles and accomplishments. 182 View

Beyond Infrastructure: Canadian and European Identities in Cyberspace

From: Cyberidentities


Preface 8 $1.12 Add

Foreward & Introduction

From: Cultural


Looks at the term mass media and how it does not fit in a Canadian Context, defines cultural industry for the purpose of this book, emphasis on methodology, the changing landscape of cultural … ; ; 8 $0.80 Add


From: Bearing Witness


- 14 $1.96 Add


From: i-Minds, 2nd edition

My objective? To have us all pondering and examining. To “rise in arms” not against the i-tech industry but to our own blind acceptance or complacency, to our apparent apathy, and the … 1 $0.10 Add


From: The Tangled Garden


An introduction to the book’s scope and sequence, laying out why Canada’s major media (television networks, newspapers, film industry are suddenly at risk as a result of the advent of … 11 $1.10 Add


From: Canadian Culture in a Globalized World


Author Garry Neil introduces his argument, explaining why Canadian culture is important and highlighting his background and experience on this subject. 5 $0.50 Add

Working for the Common Good in the CCF/NDP

From: Working for the Common Good


- 10 $1.00 Add

A Mighty Time

From: Clean Money Revolution


A Mighty Time Early Roots The Dirty Campaign against Al Gore Sr. To the White House Door with Jimmy Carter Dark Money: Lewis Powell’s Legacy A 500-Year Calling Q&A with Don Shaffer ; 22 $2.20 Add

Adapting Novel into Film

From: Intellectual Property for the 21st Century


This chapter explores, from an interdisciplinary perspective, the right of copyright holders to adapt literary works into film media. From debates in other fields of study, certain theories … 18 $1.80 Add