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Changing the Face of Canadian Politics

Alexa McDonough’s impact on Canadian politics cannot be measured solely by election victories or seat tallies. As the first female leader of a mainstream Canadian political party, she … 288 View

Asleep in the Deep

Nursing Sister Anna Stamers and the First World War

On 27 June 1918, the Llandovery Castle, a Canadian hospital ship returning to England, was sunk by a German U-boat in contravention of international law. Two hundred and thirty-four crew members … 223 View

Back to the Well

Rethinking the Future of Water

Droughts. Floods. Contamination. Climate change. The perils to the global fresh-water supply have never been so clear or so numerous, as the crisis in Cape Town’s water supply in early 2018 … 378 View

Bamboo Cage

The P.O.W. Diary of Lieutenant Robert Wyse, 1942-1943

In 1942, RAF flight controller Robert Wyse became a Japanese prisoner of war on the island of Java in Indonesia. Starved, sick, beaten, and worked to near-death, he wasted away until he weighed … 147 View

Dangerous Enemy Sympathizers

Canadian Internment Camp B, 1940-1945

From 1940 to 1945, Internment Camp B at Ripples, some 35 kilometres east of Fredericton, played a considerable role in the Second World War. Chosen for its remote rural New Brunswick location, … 178 View


Dispatches from the War on Feminism

From pop icons to working mothers, women are abandoning feminism in unprecedented numbers. Even scarier, they are also leading the charge to send it to its grave. Across North America, women head … 280 View

New Brunswick and the Navy

From the seafaring battles between the British and the French of the 1640s to the privateers of the War of 1812, from the merchant ships of the Second World War to the construction of the … ; 156 View

On Borrowed Time

North America's Next Big Quake

Mention the word earthquake and most people think of California. But while the Golden State shakes on a regular basis, Washington State, Oregon, and British Columbia are located in a … 248 View

On Opium

Pain, Pleasure, and Other Matters of Substance

A groundbreaking meditation on pain, painkillers, and dependence from a prescription opioid user. Her writing has been described as "measured," "sensuous," and … 364 View

Pay No Heed to the Rockets

Palestine in the Present Tense

Marcello Di Cintio first visited Palestine in 1999. Like most outsiders, the Palestinian narrative that he knew had been simplified by a seemingly unending struggle, a near-Sisyphean curse of … 264 View

The Imperilled Ocean

Human Stories From a Changing Sea

An exploration of the earth’s last wild frontier, filled with high-stakes stories of people and places facing an uncertain future. On a life raft in the Mediterranean, a teenager from Ghana … 238 View

Unicorn in the Woods

As tech investors the world over search for elusive unicorns (start-ups valued at over $1 billion), acclaimed business journalist Gordon Pitts asks whether there can be a place for high-tech … 264 View

Into Battle

From: Bamboo Cage


In the introduction, Vance provides background on the journal’s author, Robert Wise, a flight controller in the Royal Air Force. 8 $0.80 Add


A Few Assertions

From: Back to the Well


de Villiers begins the books with 4 assertions about our water future: 1. We aren’t doomed (yet). 2. There is not a global-scale water crisis. Rather, there are thousands of regional water … 4 $0.40 Add


The Girl in the Green Dress

From: Pay No Heed to the Rockets


The introduction describes the experience of the author as he crosses the border into Palestine. 6 $0.60 Add