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21st Century Socialism

Reinventing the Project

Bringing together a passionate group of socialists, 21st Century Socialism participates in the emerging and critical debate concerned with reinventing and rebuilding socialism. 239 View

An Economy of Well-Being

Common-sense tools for building genuine wealth and happiness

In the face of political, financial, and environmental upheaval, it’s difficult to slow down and build lives of mindfulness and joy. These things are within reach, but how can we go about … 242 View

Big Business and Hitler

For big business in Germany and around the world, Hitler and his National Socialist party were a welcome political development. Business was facing the Great Depression of in the 1930s, and for … 304 View

From the Great Transformation to the Great Financialization

On Karl Polanyi and Other Essays

Four years into the unfolding of the most serious economic crisis since the 1930s, Karl Polanyi’s prediction of the fateful consequences of unleashing the destructive power of unregulated … 294 View

Human Development

Lessons from the Cuban Revolution

Capitalism is a system in crisis. In the context of an urgent need for an alternative system, Cuba provides valuable lessons. The Cuban Revolution’s unique features have allowed it to … 135 View

Humanizing the Economy

Co-operatives in the Age of Capital

At the close of the twentieth century, corporate capitalism extended its reach over the globe. While its defenders argue that globalization is the only way forward for modern, democratic … 305 View

Intrinsic Hope

Living Courageously In Troubled Times

Climate disruption. Growing social inequality. Pollution. We are living in an era of unprecedented crises, resulting in widespread feelings of fear, despair, and grief. Now, more than ever, … 203 View


Why Technology Won't Save Us or the Environment

Nanotechnology! Genetic engineering! Miracle Drugs! We are promised that new technological developments will magically save us from the dire consequences of the 300-year fossil-fueled binge known … ; 464 View

Think Like a Commoner

A Short Introduction to the Life of the Commons

The biggest "tragedy of the commons" is the misconception that commons are failures – relics from another era rendered unnecessary by the Market and State. Think Like a Commoner … 211 View

Understanding Canada’s Political Economy (Sample CoursePack)

This collection was developed using the search tools and subject-tagging features available on Canadian CourseReadings and compiled by one of our users. The content in this collection was drawn … View


From: Big Business and Hitler


Revisionist historian Jaques R. Pauwels defines business and big business as it relates to his analysis of big business and Hitler. He gives a brief overview of the history of capitalism and the … 8 $0.80 Add


From: Humanizing the Economy


It is a story about how a revolution in human society that began with the rise of democracy in politics continues to unfold as the democratic idea struggles to find its place in the world of … 7 $0.70 Add


From: Techno-Fix


Techno-Fix questions a primary paradigm of our age: that advanced technology alone will extricate us from an ever-increasing load of social, environmental and economic ills. Techno-Fix shows why … ; 6 $0.60 Add


From: From the Great Transformation to the Great Financialization


- 8 $0.80 Add


From: Human Development


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