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Agrarian Change, Migration and Development

Agrarian Change & Peasant Studies

The focus and concern of Agrarian Change, Migration and Development is the problem of labour migration. Veltmeyer and Wise explore the dynamics and development implications of the migration … ; 160 View

Canadian Labour in Crisis

Reinventing the Workers' Movement

Does Canada have a working-class movement? Though many of us think of ourselves as middle class, most of us are, in fact, working class: we work for a wage. And though many of us are members of … 108 View

Care Work

Dreaming of Disability Justice

In their new, long-awaited collection of essays, Lambda Literary Award-winning writer and long-time disability justice activist and performance artist Leah Piepzna-Samarasinha explores the … 266 View

Engage, Connect, Protect

Empowering Diverse Youth as Environmental Leaders

While concern about the state of our land, air, and water continues to grow, there is widespread belief that environmental issues are primarily of interest to wealthy white communities. Engage, … 256 View

Flying Fish in the Great White North

The Autonomous Migration of Black Barbadians

Canadians are proud of their multicultural image both at home and abroad. But that image isn’t grounded in historical facts. As recently as the 1960s, the Canadian government enforced … 223 View

From Bombs to Books

The remarkable stories of refugee children and their families at two exceptional Canadian schools

This book chronicles how schools in Canada can #&8212; and do — play a positive role in the day-to-day lives of refugee families. Written by a principal who has worked at of two of the … 232 View

Immigration and the Legalization of Racism

“The chameleon-like nature of the law-the duplicitous ways in which the law is written, the equivocal way in which it is stated and, therefore, talked about, the hiding of the truth about … 103 View

Managing Diversity

Practices of Citizenship

Australia, Canada, and Ireland are all engaged in questions of multiculturalism and in the politics of recognition and reconciliation, the opportunities and pressures of geographic regionalism, … ; 225 View

No Place To Go

How Public Toilets Fail our Private Needs

This book is Number One in addressing the politics of where we’re allowed to "go" in public. Adults don’t talk about the business of doing our business. We work on one … 209 View


City-Building in an Age of Hyper-Diversity

How do we build cities where we aren’t just living within the same urban space, but living together? Greater Toronto is now home to a larger proportion of foreign-born residents than any … ; 281 View


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Controlling Immigration: “Race” and Canadian Immigration Law and Policy Formation


From: Immigration and the Legalization of Racism


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Game of Thrones

From: No Place To Go


This first chapter makes the case for public washrooms through personal and anecdotal stories of the paradox they present: everyone needs them and thinks about them often, and yet they are … 12 $1.20 Add


From: Canadian Labour in Crisis


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From: Agrarian Change, Migration and Development


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