Disability Studies

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About Canada: Disability Rights

Through a close examination of employment, education, transportation, telecommunications and health care, About Canada: Disability Rights explores the landscape of disability rights in Canada and … 134 View

Breaking the Word Barrier

Stories of Adults Learning to Read

In this compelling collection of first-person stories, adults who have made outstanding achievements in adult literacy were paired with writers to tell of their transition to reading. These are … ; 128 View

Care Work

Dreaming of Disability Justice

In their new, long-awaited collection of essays, Lambda Literary Award-winning writer and long-time disability justice activist and performance artist Leah Piepzna-Samarasinha explores the … 266 View

Crip Kinship

The Disability Justice & Art Activism of Sins Invalid

The remarkable story of Sins Invalid, a performance project that centres queer disability justice. In recent years, disability activism has come into its own as a vital and necessary means to … 201 View


On Fairy Tales, Disability, and Making Space

A CBC BOOKS BEST NONFICTION OF 2020, AN ENTROPY MAGAZINE BEST NONFICTION 2020/21, AND A NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY BOOK OF THE DAY (07/23/2022) Fairy tales shape how we see the world, so what … 257 View

Doing Respectful Research

Power, Privilege and Passion

Doing Respectful Research is situated within a critical, feminist postmodern framework and addresses the complexities of conducting respectful qualitative research with human participants. Three … 294 View

Making a Home

Assisted Living in the Community for Young Disabled People

In some Canadian provinces, people with severe physical disabilities are simply warehoused in nursing homes, where many people, especially in the age of homecare, are in the final stages of their … 136 View

Maternity Rolls

Pregnancy, Childbirth and Disability

Heather Kuttai is a 40-year-old white, heterosexual woman. She is married and is the mother of two children. Living in a quiet, middle-class neighbourhood, her life is, in many ways, seemingly … 143 View

Not A New Problem

Violence in the Lives of Disabled Women

- ; ; 228 View

Foreword by Patty Berne

From: Crip Kinship


Foreword by Patty Berne. 4 $0.40 Add

Girl, Interrupted

From: Maternity Rolls


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Catalyst for Writing This Book

From: Doing Respectful Research


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From: Disfigured


The introduction explores the author’s personal experiences with disability and how her love of nature made her turn to examine how disability is represented in fairy tales. 7 $0.70 Add