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21st Century Socialism

Reinventing the Project

Bringing together a passionate group of socialists, 21st Century Socialism participates in the emerging and critical debate concerned with reinventing and rebuilding socialism. 239 View

Blood of Extraction

Canadian Imperialism in Latin America

Rooted in thousands of pages of Access to Information documents and dozens of interviews carried out throughout Latin America, Blood of Extraction examines the increasing presence of Canadian … ; 400 View

Cuba and Its Neighbours

Democracy in Motion

In this groundbreaking book, Arnold August explores Cuba’s unique form of democracy, presenting a detailed and balanced analysis of Cuba’s electoral process and the state’s … 285 View

Cuba-U.S. Relations

Obama and Beyond

Against the background of the history of Cuba–U.S. interconnectedness and in light of Obama’s ini­tiative and Trump’s election, Arnold August deals with the relationship … 264 View

Development in Latin America

Toward a New Future

In Development in Latin America, Maristella Svampa explores the contemporary development and resistance dynamics of capitalist development — the workings (on people and societies) of the … 122 View

Human Development

Lessons from the Cuban Revolution

Capitalism is a system in crisis. In the context of an urgent need for an alternative system, Cuba provides valuable lessons. The Cuban Revolution’s unique features have allowed it to … 135 View

In Defense of Small Producers

The Story of CLAC

In an international geopolitical panorama where Northern countries are increasingly in crisis and where the most interesting alternatives to sustainable development are coming from the South, the … 237 View


Canadian Mining in the Aftermath of Genocides in Guatemala

What is land? A resource to be exploited? A commodity to be traded? A home to cherish? In Guatemala, a country still reeling from thirty-six years of US-backed state repression and genocides, … ; 268 View

The Political Economy of Agrarian Extractivism

Lessons from Bolivia

Around the world, plantation economies are on the rise. Increasing concerns over food, energy and financial security, combined with a geopolitical restructuring of the global agro-food system, … 172 View

A Movement in Constant Motion…

From: In Defense of Small Producers

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Critical Development Studies Series

From: Development in Latin America

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From: The Political Economy of Agrarian Extractivism

Foreword by Cristóbal Kay, The Hague, 2019. 3 $0.30 Add

Forward and Preface

From: Testimonio

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From: Human Development

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From: Cuba-U.S. Relations

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Part 1 Clearing the Cobwebs Around Democracy

Democracy and U.S. Centrism

From: Cuba and Its Neighbours

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