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A Sense of Themselves

Elizabeth Murray's Leadership in School and Community

This vivid portrayal of the late Elizabeth (Betty) Murray recreates the life and times of one of Nova Scotia’s finest educators and community leaders, a does at the grassroots. It examines … 192 View

Beverley McLachlin

The Legacy of a Supreme Court Chief Justice

As a judge, Beverley McLachlin has had an unequalled impact on Canadian life. She stands out for her unique ability to stand up for the values and beliefs that reflect the best of Canada and … ; 232 View

Cops, Crime and Capitalism

The Law-and-Order Agenda in Canada

Framed within a Marxist class analysis that highlights the way in which state power and capitalist social relations are racialized and gendered, Gordon’s study locates law and order … 175 View

Going Public

A Survivor's Journey From Grief to Action

It took Julie Macfarlane a lifetime to say the words out loud—the words that finally broke the calm and traveled farther than she could have imagined. In this clear-eyed account, she … 228 View

No One to Tell

Breaking My Silence on Life in the RCMP

In 2012, Janet Merlo was among the first female RCMP officers to publicly allege she had experienced sexual harassment and gender discrimination while serving in Canada’s national police … 232 View

Northern Wildflower

A Memoir

Northern Wildflower is the beautifully written and powerful memoir of Catherine Lafferty. With startling honesty and a distinct voice, Lafferty tells her story of being a Dene woman growing up in … 155 View

The Point is To Change the World

Selected Writings of Andaiye

Radical activist, thinker, and comrade of Walter Rodney, Andaiye was one of the Caribbean’s most important political voices. For the first time, her writings are published in one … ; 320 View

The Teen Sex Trade

My Story

Jade Brooks grew up like any other kid — she played with friends, lovingly teased and was teased by her siblings, and excelled at school. It wasn’t until she was removed from her … 200 View

The Wheel of Things

A Biography of Lucy Maud Montgomery

Lucy Maud Montgomery is Canada’s best-known writer of children’s fiction. Anne of Green Gables — in print, film, television or on stage — captures people’s imaginations as easily now as it did … View

Chapter 1

From: Northern Wildflower


- 10 $1.00 Add


From: The Point is To Change the World


This reading consists of the following forewords: Andaiye’s Radical Imagination—with Special Reference to Her Engagement with the Working People’s Alliance (Clem Seecharan) … ; 32 $3.20 Add


From: Cops, Crime and Capitalism


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From: Beverley McLachlin


An introduction to the book. An brief overview of what the book covers. ; 6 $0.60 Add


From: No One to Tell


The introduction outlines the arc former RCMP officer Janet Merlo’s career, and her encounters with harassment, often sexual, from male officers. The introduction charts the path of Merlo … 8 $0.80 Add


From: The Teen Sex Trade


The author, a young black Nova Scotian, outlines her methodology for writing this book and the decision to publish under her real name but maintain pseudonyms for any other individual connected … 7 $0.70 Add


From: Going Public


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