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Anatomy of an Election

Canada’s 2019 Federal General Election Through the Lens of Political Law

Elections are the high point of democracy. They provide scheduled opportunities for the people at large to have a participatory voice in their own government. They enable adult citizens to judge … 838 View

Beyond Contempt

How Liberals can Communicate Across the Great Divide

Liberal and progressive frustration, grief, and alarm over Trump’s destructive political agenda and behavior have prompted mounting disdain for Trump supporters and other conservatives. … 242 View

Democratizing the Constitution

Reforming Responsible Government

Canada’s time-honoured system of responsible government is failing us. This principle, by which the executive must be accountable to the people’s elected representatives, was fought … ; ; 274 View


Featuring contributions from a highly respected roster of experts in various aspects of elections, this book covers the entire process, from the historical and legal dimensions, the campaigns and … 347 View

Power Trap

How fear and loathing between New Democrats and Liberals keep Stephen Harper in power--and what can be done about it

In 2011 the Harper Conservatives won a majority government with a minority of votes. If the opposition parties were willing to work together, they would have an excellent chance of defeating the … 296 View

The Politics of Voting

Reforming Canada's Electoral System

The Politics of Voting: Reforming Canada’s Electoral System is a timely examination of Canada’s voting system by one of Canada’s leading authorities on electoral reform. In a … 227 View

Visionaries, Crusaders, and Firebrands

The Idealistic Canadians Who Built the NDP

As an idealist and a visionary, Jack Layton connected with millions of Canadians who saw that he was a different kind of political leader. So did Tommy Douglas, chosen as the greatest Canadian … 248 View

Women Winning Office

An Activist's Guide to Getting Elected

When Peggy Nash first decided to run for elected office, she had no idea where to start, who to contact, or what the rules were. For those who are underrepresented in political life, politics can … 282 View


From: Anatomy of an Election

Foreword by Peter Mansbridge 3 $0.30 Add

Introducing the Politics of Voting

From: The Politics of Voting

Review of the contents of the book in relation to its two main themes of broadening the current terms of the Canadian voting system component of electoral reform debates and making politics … 11 $1.10 Add


From: Visionaries, Crusaders, and Firebrands

Positions the NDP party at the time of the books publication soon after Jack Layton’s death. Outlines a bit about how Layton got the NDP in the position it was after the 2011 election. 7 $0.70 Add


From: Election

Description of the contents of the chapters in relation to the broad themes of historical perspectives, the national-local axis of federal elections, and ongoing scholarly debates. 4 $0.40 Add


From: Beyond Contempt

In the Introduction, the author provides some personal background to her experiences with political discourse and sets the stage for engaging in productive conversation in the aftermath of the … 16 $1.60 Add

Introduction: A Fundamental Democratic Problem

From: Democratizing the Constitution

Overview of the authors’ argument that Canadian democracy has been undermined by the excess of power of the prime minister over the operations of the House of Commons. ; 28 $2.80 Add

Introduction: This Book is for You

From: Women Winning Office

In the Introduction author Peggy Nash explains the premise of the book as a handbook and resource for women looking to become involved in politics and run for office. 3 $0.30 Add

Why Progressives Don’t Win

From: Power Trap

Examines the status of progressive voters through statistical analysis finding that progressive voters make up a majority, concluding that progressives don’t know where to cast their … 26 $2.60 Add