Arbitration, Negotiation & Mediation

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A Practitioner’s Guide to Commercial Arbitration

Arbitration can be a highly effective alternative commercial dispute resolution process outside of court. Indeed, arbitration is and has historically been a widely used method for resolving … 523 View

Canadian Family Law

Ninth edition

Canadian Family Law will be of special interest to judges, legal practitioners, mediators, arbitrators, parenting coordinators, and other professionals who require an understanding of the … ; 918 View

Child Support Guidelines in Canada, 2022

Child Support Guidelines in Canada, 2022 continues the tradition of presenting comprehensive, current caselaw and analysis in a very practical and easily accessible format. Relevant cases … ; 778 View

Fundamental Law for Journalists

Journalists will come across many arcane and sometimes obtuse legal concepts in the course of their work. Law is not an intuitive thing. It has developed over a millennium, and its basic rules … 232 View

Mediator’s Handbook

Revised & Expanded fourth edition

The popular Mediator’s Handbook presents a time-tested, adaptable model for helping people work through conflict. Extensively revised to incorporate recent practice and thinking, the … ; ; 210 View

Negotiating So Everyone Wins

Secrets you can use from Canada's top business, sports, labour and political negotiators

Every day, people make deals that matter. But very few of us benefit from the public scrutiny and analysis that have helped Canada’s leading negotiation experts hone their craft. Hockey … 336 View

The Mediator’s Toolkit

Formulating and Asking Questions for Successful Outcomes

Learn how to formulate and ask penetrating, paradigm-shifting questions for successful outcomes in any conflict. Knowing how to formulate and ask incisive questions to get to the core of a … 258 View

An Introduction to Commercial Arbitration

From: A Practitioner's Guide to Commercial Arbitration

Arbitration is set within the larger dispute resolution system and its own legal framework. Some foundational theories are discussed, as well as the processes that come into play during arbitration. 37 $3.70 Add

Chapter 1

Criteria and Objectives of Child Support

From: Child Support Guidelines in Canada, 2022

This chapter introduces the purposes of child support and discuses the paramotors for child support relating to the Divorce Act and Federal Child Support Guidelines. ; 16 $1.60 Add

Chapter 1

Family Structures and Canadian Family Law

From: Canadian Family Law

This chapter included a definition of family and family law as defined in federal, provincial and territorial legislation, as well as, how it has evolved over time. ; 13 $1.30 Add


From: Negotiating So Everyone Wins

Foreward by Jean Chrétien about the author’s background and the importance of this book 4 $0.40 Add

Glossary & Introduction

From: The Mediator's Toolkit

This book introduces the S Questions Model, which focuses on the development and asking of questions for clarifying existing information, gathering new information and creating new insight in … 6 $0.60 Add


From: Fundamental Law for Journalists

5 $0.50 Add

One Law for All? An Introduction

From: One Law for All?

The editors review the career of professor Adell and the significance of Weber v Ontario, and preview the essays in the volume. ; 15 $1.50 Add


From: Mediator's Handbook

The handbook focusses on round-the-table mediations with up to eight participants, where the mediators primarily faciliate discussions and decisions to meet particpants’ goals for the … ; ; 2 $0.20 Add

Chapter 2


From: Child Support Guidelines in Canada, 2022

This chapter discusses the jurisdiction of child support including when an application is made and when payment should be made. ; 16 $1.60 Add