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In The Balance

The Administration of Justice and National Security in Democracies

This volume resulted from the International Conference on the Administration of Justice and National Security in Democracies, held in Ottawa in June 2007 and organized jointly by the Courts … 237 View

International and Transnational Criminal Law, 2/e

International criminal law has focused on the prosecution of truly international crimes — genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and aggression. Our post-Cold War, post-9/11 world … ; 783 View

International Human Rights Law

The last fifty years have witnessed the development of a global system of human rights promotion and protection. Canada has played a significant role in its growth and will likely continue to do … ; 651 View

International Tax Evasion in the Global Information Age

International Tax Evasion in the Global Information Age provides the most comprehensive analysis of the OECD’s and Canada’s war on offshore tax evasion and offers a timely and … ; 405 View

Law Beyond Borders

Extraterritorial Jurisdiction in an Age of Globalization

This book is about the reach of law beyond state borders from a Canadian perspective. It investigates the scope of the legal and practical power of Canada to assert, and to respond to foreign … ; ; ; 389 View

National Security Law

Canadian Practice in International Perspective

National Security Law is a comprehensive handbook that focuses on the law and legal instruments governing the Canadian state’s response to events that jeopardize its “national … 688 View

Sold Down the Yangtze

Canada's lopsided investment deal with China

When legal experts finally saw the terms of the investment deal Canada had signed with China, they could hardly believe what their eyes. The deal was unprecedented — Canada had never given … 368 View

The Trans-Pacific Partnership and Canada

A Citizen's Guide

The Trans-Pacific Partnership, with its twelve participating countries on three continents, is the largest regional trade and investment agreement that Canada has ever negotiated. It is also one … ; View

Understanding Canada’s Political Economy (Sample CoursePack)

This collection was developed using the search tools and subject-tagging features available on Canadian CourseReadings and compiled by one of our users. The content in this collection was drawn … View

United Nations Law, Politics, and Practice

The result of a 300-year-long experiment, the United Nations has preserved its position as an indispensable actor on the world stage. As Kofi Annan famously remarked, “more than ever before … 590 View


From: International Human Rights Law


Provides a list of abbreviations for organizations and written legal sources commonly mentioned throughout the book. ; 4 $0.40 Add

Defining National Security

From: National Security Law


Introduces national security by evaluating different definitions of national security and giving a brief overview of national security law, focusing on its structure, objectives, tools and … 11 $1.10 Add

Introducing the TPP

From: The Trans-Pacific Partnership and Canada


Overview of the Trans-Pacific Partnership in terms of it’s effect on Canada. Briefly outlines the debates and the specific areas that other chapters delve more thoroughly into ; 23 $2.30 Add


The Administration of Justice and National Security in Democracies

From: In The Balance


Introduces the administration of justice and national security in democracies, focusing on the question of terrorism. A brief overview of the book is also given. 9 $0.90 Add


The Contours of Jurisdiction

From: Law Beyond Borders


Overview of the topics covered in investigating the scope of the legal and practical power of Canada to assert extraterritorial jurisdiction. ; ; ; 7 $0.70 Add

Introduction: Convergence of Disciplines

From: International and Transnational Criminal Law, 2/e


Discussion of the history, sources, and subjects of international and transnational criminal law, plus considerations of enforcement and international cooperation. ; 49 $4.90 Add