Indigenous-Canadian Relations

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A Line in the Tar Sands

Struggles for Environmental Justice

Tar sands “development” comes with an enormous environmental and human cost. But tar sands opponents—fighting a powerful international industry—are likened to terrorists; … ; ; ; 390 View

Circle Works

Transforming Eurocentric Consciousness

This book is intended to contribute to both the theoretical debate and classroom practice in the field of education. It explores the legitimacy of Aboriginal, holistic paradigms within some of … 304 View


Cradle of the Demon Metals, Birth of a Mining Superpower

The world is desperate for cobalt. It drives the proliferation of digital and clean technologies. But this “demon metal” has a horrific present and a troubled history. The modern … 336 View

Home and Native Land

Unsettling Multiculturalism in Canada

Home and Native Land takes its vastly important topic and places it under a new, penetrating light—shifting focus from the present grounds of debate onto a more critical terrain. The … ; ; ; 256 View

Resistance and Renewal

Surviving the Indian Residential School

One of the first books published to deal with the phenomenon of residential schools in Canada, Resistance and Renewal is a disturbing collection of Native perspectives on the Kamloops Indian … 172 View

Righting Canada’s Wrongs: Residential Schools

The Devastating Impact on Canada’s Indigenous People and the Reconciliation Commission’s Findings and Calls for Action

Righting Canada’s Wrongs: Residential Schools is designed to provide an introductory-level overview of the history and effects of the Residential School system in Canada. This title makes … 130 View

Unsettling Canada

A National Wake-up Call

A Canadian bestseller and winner of the 2016 Canadian Historical Association Aboriginal History Book Prize, Unsettling Canada is a landmark text built on a unique collaboration between two First … ; ; 320 View

Victims of Benevolence

The Dark Legacy of the Williams Lake Residential School

An unsettling study of two tragic events at an Indian residential school in British Columbia which serve as a microcosm of the profound impact the residential school system had on Aboriginal … 142 View

From: Home and Native Land

Examines the policy of multiculturalism within a settler society, and whether the current debates are disruptive or just another form of assimilation. Includes a discussion of the effects of the … ; ; ; 14 $1.40 Add


From: A Line in the Tar Sands

Forward by Naomi Klein and Bill McKibben. ; 2 $0.20 Add

Forward by Naomi Klein

From: Unsettling Canada

Forward to the Second Edition by Naomi Klein 3 $0.30 Add


From: Circle Works

9 $0.90 Add


From: Righting Canada’s Wrongs: Residential Schools

The introduction provides a brief overview of the importance of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and outlines the goals of the book. 1 $0.10 Add


From: Victims of Benevolence

In most books, historical records have been written by non-Natives and thus reflect a non-Native cultural orientation. As a result, Native perspectives are often excluded from documentary sources … 16 $0.16 Add

Preface, Acknowledgements, Introduction

From: Resistance and Renewal

The author, Celia Haig-Brown, lays the groundwork for the research for Resistance and Renewal. 17 $0.17 Add

Preface: The Demon Metal

From: Cobalt

In the Preface author Charlie Angus provides a brief history of cobalt and its importance to digital technology, clean energy, and electric vehicles. He also discusses the darker side of cobalt … 4 $0.40 Add