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A Distinct Alien Race

The Untold Story of Franco-Americans - Industrialization, Immigration, Religious Strife

“The French number more than a million in the United States…. They are kept a distinct alien race, subject to the Pope in matters of religion and of politics. Soon…they will govern you, … 394 View

Bent out of Shape

Shame, Solidarity, and Women's Bodies at Work

Award-winning ergonomist Karen Messing is talking with women—women who wire circuit boards, sew clothes, clean toilets, drive forklifts, care for children, serve food, run labs. What she … 276 View

Gender & Sexuality

Canadian History Through the Stories of Activists

The freedoms and liberties that every community, workplace and individual in Canada enjoys are due to the many struggles and social movements in our country’s history. Yet the stories, … 217 View

Harry Livingstone’s Forgotten Men

Canadians and the Chinese Labour Corps in the First World War

HARRY LIVINGSTONE was a small town doctor from Listowel, Ontario when he felt the pull of patriotism that led him to volunteer in the First World War. In 1917, Livingstone found himself embarking … 504 View

Leading Progess

The Professional Institute of the Public Service Canada, 1920–2020

On February 6, 1920, a small group of public service employees met for the first time to form a professional association. A century later, the Professional Institute of the Public Service Canada … 272 View

The Canadian Labour Movement

A Short History

The Canadian Labour Movement tells the story of Canada’s workers since the mid-nineteenth century, painting a vivid picture of key developments, such as the birth of craft unionism, the … ; 240 View

The Canadian Labour Movement: A Short History

Third Edition

In The Canadian Labour Movement, historian Craig Heron tells the story of Canada’s workers from the mid-nineteenth century through to today, painting a vivid picture of key developments … 252 View

The Fire and the Ashes

Rekindling Democratic Socialism

In The Fire and the Ashes, long-time union economist and policy analyst Andrew Jackson looks back on a fascinating career in the labour movement, the NDP, and left politics, combining keen … 180 View

Through the Mill

Girls and Women in the Quebec Cotton Textile Industry, 1881-1951

Girls and women were essential to industrialization in Canada, particularly in the cotton textile industry, which was concentrated in Quebec. In 1891, for example, more than 2000 girls and women … 324 View

Wanda’s War

An Untold Story of Nazi Europe, Forced Labour, and a Canadian Immigration Scandal

In 1943, Wanda Gizmunt was ripped from her family home in Poland and deported to a forced labour camp in Nazi Germany. At the end of the war, she became one of millions of displaced Europeans … 256 View

Winnipeg 1919

The Strikers' Own History of the Winnipeg General Strike

On May 15, 1919 workers from across Winnipeg, ranging from metal workers to telephone operators, united to spark the largest worker revolt in Canadian history. Even the Winnipeg police voted to … 340 View

A Life on the Left

From: The Fire and the Ashes

In the opening chapter, Jackson describes his book as "part personal memoir, part historical analysis, and part political manifesto." He also discusses how the labour movement has been … 12 $1.20 Add


From: Harry Livingstone's Forgotten Men

Wright notes that Black’s history of Canada and the Chinese Labour Corps is previously untold and a significant contribution to the historiography of the First World War. 3 $0.30 Add

Forward and Preface

From: Testimonio

; 8 $0.80 Add


From: Gender & Sexuality

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