Criminal Procedure

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Anatomy of Criminal Procedure

A Visual Guide to the Law

The Anatomy of Criminal Procedure: A Visual Guide to the Law illustrates the law of criminal procedure through nearly seventy annotated charts and diagrams. Across the whole criminal process … ; 435 View

Conflict Management in Law Enforcement

Conflict Management in Law Enforcement, 4th Edition exposes readers to situations that they will encounter in their law enforcement careers and provides the legislative and procedural knowledge … 427 View

Criminal Procedure 3/e

This book sets out and examines the law governing criminal procedure in Canada. It explains the body of rules and principles that govern the investigation, prosecution, and adjudication of any … 557 View

Detention and Arrest 2/e

The criminal justice system aims to maintain a balance between the individual interest of private citizens to carry on their lives free from state interference, and the communal interest in … ; 525 View

Mental Disorder and the Law 2/e

A Primer for Legal and Mental Health Professionals

Canada’s criminal courts have struggled to deal effectively with the increase in mentally disordered accused. In 2017, we mark the twenty-fifth anniversary of the proclamation of Bill C-30, … ; 425 View

Sovereignty, Restraint, and Guidance

Canadian Criminal Law in the 21st Century

Students, academics, and lawyers often think of the substantive criminal law as if it were just another branch of the common law. On this understanding, it falls to the courts to decide on a … 614 View

The Secret Power of Juries

What jurors in Canada aren't being told about their rights -- and what we can do about it

Canadians know that the jurors at a trial decide the defendant’s guilt or innocence according to the law of the land. What they don’t know is how far that right actually goes, and … 216 View

Understanding Bail in Canada

When people are arrested and taken into custody, they become involved in a process to determine whether they will go home or stay in jail until the criminal charges can be brought to trial. … 175 View

Bail Tales

Setting the Stage

From: Understanding Bail in Canada


Introduces the role of bail in the Canadian justice system by providing two fictitious stories of how bail is used. 3 $0.30 Add

Basic Psychiatric Terms and Concepts

From: Mental Disorder and the Law 2/e


This chapter introduces basic terms and concepts within the discipline of psychiatry as they arise in the course of dealing with mentally disordered accused. ; 44 $4.40 Add


From: Conflict Management in Law Enforcement


- 5 $0.50 Add

Foreward & Preface

From: The Secret Power of Juries


Outlines the Core Principles of law as outlined by Tom Bingham in The Rule of Law ; 11 $1.10 Add


From: Detention and Arrest 2/e


This edition brings the book up-to-date in both the legislative and jurisprudential spheres. 2 $0.20 Add


From: Criminal Procedure 3/e


Introduction to the rules and principles governing the investigation, prosecution and adjudication of any offence enacted by Parliament for which an accused person would have a criminal record if … 6 $0.60 Add

Introduction: Three Pillars of Canadian Criminal Law

From: Sovereignty, Restraint, and Guidance


The introduction outlines the structure of the book as well as its three primary theses: the statutory interpretation thesis, the restraint thesis, and the guidance thesis. 39 $3.90 Add

Police Powers

From: Anatomy of Criminal Procedure


Part 1, Police Powers, examines topics such as search and seizure with and without a warrant, electronic surveillance, investigative detention, and compelling appearance. ; 147 $14.70 Add