Reproductive Rights

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Abortion to Abolition

Reproductive Health and Justice in Canada

The history of abortion decriminalization and critical advocacy efforts to improve access in Canada deserve to be better known. Ordinary people persevered to make Canada the most progressive … 176 View

Beyond the Periphery of the Skin

Rethinking, Remaking, and Reclaiming the Body in Contemporary Capitalism

More than ever, “the body” is today at the center of radical and institutional politics. Feminist, antiracist, trans, ecological movements–all look at the body in its manifold … 161 View


Destroying Myths and Misogyny in Endometriosis Care

Journalist Tracey Lindeman knows it all too well. Decades of suffering from endometriosis propelled the creation of BLEED — part memoir, part investigative journalism, and all … 322 View

Double Pregnant

Two Lesbians Make a Family

Double Pregnant is author Natalie Meisner’s light-hearted, poignant and informative true story about starting a family with her wife Viviën. Because Viviën is a woman of colour … 192 View


40 Years of Change

In Fertility: 40 Years of Change, lawyer and author Maureen McTeer explores key medical, research, and legal developments in assisted human reproduction since the birth of the first IVF baby in … 276 View

Jeannie’s Demise

Abortion on Trial in Victorian Toronto

August 1, 1875, Toronto: The body of a young woman is discovered in a pine box, half-buried in a ditch along Bloor Street. So begins Jeannie’s Demise, a real-life Victorian melodrama that … 198 View

No Choice

The 30-Year Fight for Abortion on Prince Edward Island

In 1969, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau passed a law legalizing abortion in Canada. But making abortion legal did not guarantee women access to these services. In many communities around the … 124 View

Stolen Motherhood

Surrogacy and Made-to-Order Children

Neither marginal nor secret, contracting surrogate mothers is growing rapidly and is regarded as socially progressive. Yet the “process” is vitiated from the get go, i.e., … 194 View

Surrogacy in Canada

Critical Perspectives in Law and Policy

This book brings together a range of critical perspectives on the governance of surrogacy in Canada. The chapters offer insight into how to address the challenges of regulating surrogacy (in … ; ; 327 View

The M Word

Conversations about Motherhood

A Dropped Threads-style anthology, assembling original and inspiring works by some of Canada’s best younger female writers — such as Heather Birrell, Saleema Nawaz, Susan Olding, … 320 View

The Seed

Infertility Is a Feminist Issue

Notes on desire, reproduction, and grief, and how feminism doesn’t support women struggling to have children. In pop culture as much as in policy advocacy, the feminist movement has … 145 View

Beyond Abortion

From: Abortion to Abolition


This chapter introduces the history of and context surrounding abortion in Canada as well as explores how prison abolition is connected to reproductive justice. The author talks about her own … 10 $1.00 Add

Chapters 1-20

From: Double Pregnant


- 64 $6.40 Add


The Motherhood Conversation (or “Life With a Uterus”)

From: The M Word


Forward from editor Kerry Clare. 5 $0.50 Add


Regulatory Pasts and Futures

From: Surrogacy in Canada


This introduction outlines the complex issues involved in regulating surrogacy in Canada. The authors introduce a range of critical perspectives on the governance of surrogacy in Canada, with a … ; ; 28 $2.80 Add


From: No Choice


Bravery and Perseverance 10 $1.00 Add