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Asleep in the Deep

Nursing Sister Anna Stamers and the First World War

On 27 June 1918, the Llandovery Castle, a Canadian hospital ship returning to England, was sunk by a German U-boat in contravention of international law. Two hundred and thirty-four crew members … 223 View

Bottoms Up

A History of Alcohol in Newfoundland and Labrador

In 1617, Lord Falkland’s colonists in Newfoundland were instructed to bring, among other things, 20 barrels of caske (ale), 90 bushels of malt, a malt mill, 4500 pounds of hops, 1 firkin of … 272 View

Canada’s Bastions of Empire

Halifax, Victoria and the Royal Navy 1749-1918

This book offers a fresh perspective on North American history, and the key role played by Halifax and Victoria in ensuring that Canada emerged as an independent country in the 20th century. … 280 View

Churchill and Fisher

The titans at the Admiralty who fought the First World War

A vivid study of the politics and stress of high command, this book describes the decisive roles of young Winston Churchill as political head of the Admiralty during the First World War. … 656 View

Fastest in the World

The Saga of Canada's Revolutionary Hydrofoils

Like the builders of the Avro Arrow, the pioneers of hydrofoils are celebrated in this book for their world-class accomplishments. When Alexander Graham Bell was experimenting with flying … 98 View

Gunboats on the Great Lakes 1866-68

The British Navy's show of force at the time of Confederation

This book describes British gunboat diplomacy practiced on the Great lakes in the aftermath of the US Civil War when Canada was negotiating Confederation and under Fenian attack. Cheryl MacDonald … 192 View

New Brunswick and the Navy

From the seafaring battles between the British and the French of the 1640s to the privateers of the War of 1812, from the merchant ships of the Second World War to the construction of the … ; 156 View


From: Fastest in the World

Acknowledgements 1 $0.10 Add


From: Canada's Bastions of Empire

explains how the information of Canada’s defenses on the homefront are missing from the historical account of the Great War, outlines some geo-political information of importance to the … 9 $0.90 Add


From: Asleep in the Deep

The introduction summarizes the events surrounding the German sinking of the Canadian Hospital Ship Llandovery Castle in World War I. Following the war, the actions of the U-boat commander and … 5 $0.50 Add


From: New Brunswick and the Navy

; 2 $0.20 Add


From: Bottoms Up

In the preface, the author discusses her reasons for writing the book and how studying the history of alcohol is an effective way to understand many facets of human societies. 3 $0.30 Add

Preface, A Note on the Board of Admiralty, and Introduction

The Daemonic Duo

From: Churchill and Fisher

Historian Barry Gough provides an introduction to the board of admiralty and an overview of the history between Churchill and Fisher before the outset of World War One. 29 $2.90 Add


Welcome Guests

From: Gunboats on the Great Lakes 1866-68

Describes how the citizens of Dunnville, Canada welcomed the crew of Her Majesty’s Britomart in 1866 when it was stationed there. 7 $0.70 Add

Chapter 1

Early Days

From: New Brunswick and the Navy

This chapter explores New Brunswick’s early history, and the importance of the sea and ships in this history. It discusses early European settlements, tensions and battles on both land and … ; 17 $1.70 Add

Early Life

From: Asleep in the Deep

The early life of Nursing Sister Anna Irene Stamers is described as well as the history of her family in Saint John, New Brunswick, including the untimely death of her father and the financial … 10 $1.00 Add